Tuesday, July 31, 2012

50 Shades Fad....

I finally broke down to the 50 Shades fad.  After seeing/reading/hearing SO much about it, I decided that I needed to see what it was all about.  I am just wrapping up the first book.

Honestly....it took me awhile to get into it.  I just kept thinking "no way," "so fake," "totally unvelievable"....and so on and so on.  After I got past that part....and the rest....I started to kinda get into it.

SO, I will admit....I am definitly going to pic up books two and three....I mean I just HAVE to see what all of the fuss is about, right?!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Instagrams lately....

Just a few pics that I have taken on my phone lately....what did we all do before iPhones and Instagram?!

Blake just recently "graduated" from the Tikes classroom and school and moved up to the preschool.  Whaaaaa....my baby is growing up.  That means one more year and then kindergarten!!  OMG.

He took donut holes for his classmates on his last day....boy was he proud!

My baby on his last day as a "Tike"...

Speaking of growing up....little miss Livi Kay looks about 1.5 going on 7 here.  Juice box, back pack....what's next, car keys?!!? :(

Blake loves this look.  hhahahaha.  Makes me giggle every time.  He says he looks like "papa" :).

Picking my sister up at the airport!  She was home from Denver for a week....gone now...and I miss her even more.  That's the bummer about her visiting...reminds us of how much we miss her :(.

Full rainbow from our front porch!!  So pretty.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Water babies

We sure have been enjoying the HOT summer.  Both kids LOVE to swim.  They have turned into quite the water babies this summer.  Livi has NO fear.  She will go under, prefers to be left alone to float (even when she can't touch) and jumps right off the boat.  Crazy girl.

She doesn't look happy here....but I bet she is :)

Blake is a bit more cautious that Liv (always has been)...but he is becoming a pretty good swimmer.  Each time he is a little braver, quicker, more independent. 

Hard to believe that it is almost August and that summer will be wrapping up!
I am sad...but I do LOVE fall!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sweet summertime....

Livi Kay has a love/hate relationship with my parents dog, Maggie.  She really WANTS to like her...but she is afraid.  UNTIL Maggie gets tired and leaves Liv alone....then Liv starts to torment her!
Poor Livi needs a haircut....but I am not really sure what direction I should go with this one.  I want to keep her hair growing our so I can pull it back and put it up....but I fear if I cut the front but not the back she will have a mullet!!  Poor sweetie...she is just going to have to look like a rag-a-muffin for a bit longer I guess!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ohhh these faces....

I could just stare at these (dirty) little faces all day long!!

Just snapping some pictures while my kids are TOTALLY zoned out
(and into the TV...shhhh don't tell).

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nana and Papa...

I snapped a few cute pictures of my parents and Blake the other night.  He is just growing up so fast and none of us can get enough of him!!  He is such a sweet, smart, spunky little boy.  I just love ho listen to him :)

I cannot for the life of me get these pictures to rotate....ugh.  I am giving up. 
 Tilt your head to see how handsome my little dude is :)
 Our pretty hibiscus bush!

 Blake playing in the front yard.//

Friday, July 13, 2012

New house - Family Room

Now that I am posting again..I will start revealing some of our new house to you all!!  We have been in the house for 4 months or so...and it is starting to feel like home..although, we still have a long way to go.

Here is a BEFORE picture of the family room...this room is off of the kitchen, and were we spend quite a bit of time.

Here are some AFTER pics.  HA, we really haven't done TOO much.  I am not ready to paint the walls yet, because I am not sure what color to go with.  I figure we will live here a year or two and then tackle each room, one at at time.

We did get a new couch and love seat.  Also a new area rug.  The rest of the decor was from our old house, but fits well.  The doors walk out to a back deck.  

The kids spend a lot of time in here, so the hard wood floors are nice for quick pick up!

I still need to decide about window treatments for this space.  I don't want bulks curtains...I like how bright this room always seems.

 I still need to get a chair/ottoman for that back corner.  I am hoping to find a perfect "statement piece" to fit there.

We also need to:
-Change the ceiling fan out (it is a lovely black/gold combo now....ick).
-resurface the fireplace.  We are not fond of the marble look to it now...but honestly, it isn't too high on my priority list...someday!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back in the swing of things

I have been MIA from my blog for quite a while.  I have missed this!  I am going to make a point to get back into my regular routine of posting, commenting, etc.
June is a CRAZY month at work for me.  I am SO relieved to have that month behind me so I can focus on other things.  For weeks I was sleeping, breathing, dreaming, work 24/7. I hate that feeling.
Now I am ready to just slow down and enjoy what remains of the summer.
Some things I am looking forward to:
-My sister and her fiancé coming to visit (from Denver)!  Mary flies in on Saturday and Shawn on Thursday.  We are having an engagement party honoring them next Saturday.
-Working around our new house.  Things are looking SO good.  I just love our new home!  The downside to this is we STILL have not sold our old homes.  Paying two mortgage payments is the PITS.  Please pray that we sell it SOON.
-Houseboat trip with my girlfriends at the end of August…yay fun.
-just the regular day-to-day with my two little loves (and one big love)!

And sisnce a blog post is no fun without some pictures...here are some of our 4th of July festivities...

Ryan and his buddies....such handsome fellas :)
Ryan and I at the lake!
Two of my besties...Kellianne and Heather!
Floating the day away...it was HOT and we had to stay in the water (rough life, I know :))
And "Our Little Family" getting in the festive spirit!

Monday, July 2, 2012