Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

I am hope with the kids today. My mom usually watches them on Tuesday's, but she and my dad are on a cruise right now {jealous}. That means that I get a bonus day off of work at home with the kiddo's!!

We have been busy playing, cleaning, and cooking. I don't know about you but we OFTEN have bananas in the house that get too ripe to just eat. I saw this recipe on Pinterest and I made it today. I have to say that this one gets 2 thumbs up! YUMM. It was super easy and they taste super delish!! Livi LOVED them.

I will definitely make these cookies again...and I recommend that you make them too :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

My sweet baby

Posting a few more pics from Liv's 1 year birthday shoot.

I think that this one is one of my all time favs. Just captures her sweet little disposition so well.

For many of the pics she would not let go of her "baby." She just loves this little thing. Carries it with her everywhere. She drags it all around the house. At first I was mad that she wouldn't part with it for the pics...now I am kinda glad. It will be a good memory looking back :)

Liv's walking has really taken off. She barely crawls now.

Her tooth on the top is starting to poke through...this is her third.

Her hair is getting long on the top. I have to put it in a little pony tail or it is in her eyes!

She is sleeping like a champ. Between 12 and 14 hours each night.

She is the sweetest little thing ever. We just love her.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Phone Dump #2

Going the iPhone dump for the second week in a row....it's just pics of the kids, kids, kids....what's new!??

The kids getting ready for a little winter fun!! They both love being outside in the snow!!

My little snow bunny!!!
Blake toleratingthe camera....but obviously not enjoying it...
At the dr's office. Waiting to see Blake's Dr. for his 3 year well visit. Still waiting.....

Livi acting like a big girl....
Cousin fun...Blake and Addy playing at gma and gma S's house.....
They are only 4 months apart...trouble!!
B LOVED Addy's Toy Stroy book w/ action figures....might have to get him one...he sat there for hours!! After about 45 minutes of trying to get Blake dressed and ready for school on Wednesday I gave up and let him choose his outfit. He dug through a box and found these buzz Lightyear pajamas (3 sizes too small) and decided this was the outfit today. He felt pretty awesome walking into school this morning. Pick your battles, right??!!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have a 3 year old!!

I never got around to posting about Blake's 3rd birthday. December is just a crazy month. Blake turned 3. Liv turned 1. Christmas. Parties. Etc. There just really want much time for blogging.

I took Blake to his 3 year well visit yesterday. It seems like just yesterday he was born, and now he is a little guy....not even a baby!! He was 38' tall at his appt. Just over the 50th percentile. He weighed 31.3 lbs. Just under the 50th percentile. His head was in the 50th as well. He is just perfect (but we knew that).

I can't believe how much my little guy has changed in just three years.

On the day that he was born:
At his 1st Birthday:

Second Birthday:
Third Birthday party: If I could only stop the clocks and keep him little forever!!!......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

I have been pinning lots of "home" ideas.....maybe this will tip some of you off to a little secret that I have been keeping...
I will divulge more on that SOON....but for now my pins:

I NEED this in my laundry room. A simple white shelf over the washer and dryer makes it look SO much better!!

Check out this bookcase from Ikea, turned on it's side, with baskets....makes for a perfect cabinet/decoration for the entry way!

Mudd room organization.....I wish that my husband was more of a handy-man when it came to wood working....how awesome is this?!

Source: bhg.com via Annie on Pinterest

Or this one...equally as cool!

Source: google.com via Annie on Pinterest

Great idea....hang a curtian rod, and then switch out wreaths seasonally!! Love this display:

What are you pinning? Link up with Michelle for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

I have been trying lots of new recipes...most of them from Pinterest. I set a goal for myself to try at least ONE new one a week. I made this last night.....
Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup:

You can click on the picture to get the link to the recipe. I tweaked in a bit. I always try to make things "lighter." This isn't the healthiest meal, but I lightened it up with milk (instead of half and half), and low-fat anything when I could.

On a scale from 1 to 5, I would give it a 3...it was OK. Nothing to blow your socks off...but warmed me up on a cold night, so that was good! It was easy to make. Had left-overs today for lunch, so that is a bonus!
Ryan likes anything, so he is not a good judge. He NEVER complains about my cooking (bless his little heart).

Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Reflections

Here are a few thoughts spinning in my head right now-

-I am still trying to get organized, caught up, rested etc. Time is just going SO fast.

-The weekend was great – no concrete plans – but it still went way too fast.

-Blake and Ryan had fun outside ice fishing. Ryan has caught two big fish in the past two weekends (good for him – although I don’t want to eat them )!

-Livi is SUCH a big girl and took big strides (pun intended) with her walking this weekend

-I can’t believe that I am compiling tax information. I feel like I JUST did this. Where did 2011 go?

-Not sure where Blake gets his imagination. He says the funniest things. When he and Ryan were fishing Ryan was explaining the tip-ups and that when there was a flag up, that meant that there was a fish on. Blake said, “I’ve got my eye on the prize, dad.” That just cracks me up because it is not something that we say!!

-I am busy de-cluttering the house…where does all of the STUFF come from!?

-I am so happy that some of my shows are back on TV…gives me something to look forward to at night; Bachelor, Biggest Loser, American Idol, etc.

More of Livi's cute 1 year pics:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

I just got my new iPhone in December. I still don't use it to take a ton of pictures...I guess I just need to get more in the habit of using it! I have seen others do a Friday Phone Dump post....is there a link-up somewhere? I am sure that there must be....

Anyway, I think that I will jump on the bandwagon this week and post my iPhone pics!! (although there are only three :)).

Poor sweet Liv.......she's even adorable when she is mad :)
This is here favorite new hangout. This chair is in Blake's room. He never paid much attention to it, but she thinks that it is the coolest thing EVER. She just sits there acting so proud of herself!

And this is ALL that you will see of Blake these days. He avoids the camera like crazy. Such a MAN. I miss the days when he would pose for the camera!

Happy weekend everyone!! Enjoy :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am not sure if I am just really overwhelmed lately….or busier than normal…or just stressing out (probably a combination of all three). It could just be that I am running on minimal sleep, because my one and three years old STILL do not sleep at night. Blake is the worst now. I think that it is karma repaying me for bragging about what a good sleeper he used to be. He is up anywhere from 2-5 times per night. Liv was up 4 times last night. I feel nocturnal.

I keep repeating to myself…this is just a phase, just a phase, just a phase….

Anywho, in the midst of it all, I just want to say that I am thankful for my MOM. She watches the kids on Tuesdays. I know that it is not an easy task. I mean seriously, they are 3 and 1. Both needy, fighting for attention, testing limits, etc. I know what a long day it can be with them (don’t get me wrong I LOVE them more than life itself…but it’s just a trying ‘phase’). My kids are both obsessed with my mom and LOVE when she comes over. And so do I….not only does my mom care for my kids on Tuesdays….but she also cleans my house, and sometimes even makes dinner. And I get to rest a little more in the a.m., since I am just getting myself ready (not the extra 2 for daycare).

So, I just want to say TAHNKS MOM for all that you do….we really appreciate it! And we love you.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting....

I havent linked up for Oh How Pinteresting in awhile...but since I am back in the routine of blogging, I am joining in today!!

How cute is this?! WOuld be perfect for a party!!

Love these shelves over the toilet!!

Source: flickr.com via Annie on Pinterest

So true....

Love this outfit....the boots!!

Source: imgfave.com via Annie on Pinterest

Yumm!! This looks great for brunch!! I bet my kids would love it too!!

I'm always a sucker for ruffles!! And it's only $38!!

Cute printable for Valentines Day...in a white shabby frame?! CUTE!

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Monday, January 16, 2012


It seems like Olivia's hair is growing like crazy lately. Her bangs are starting to hang in her face, but I cannot bring myslef to snip them yet! We have started to wear a pony-tail! She looks so cute. Remonds me of my sister when she was little. Mary wore what we called a "whale-tail" until about 3rd grade! ha.
And here are a few more pictures from Olivia's 1st birthday photo shoot:

It was nice to not be super busy all weekend. I worked late on Friday and then we went to bed early. On Saturday we hung out around the house and then Ryan took me out on a date :). Sunday was spent at BOTH of our parents houses...Blake loved sledding and playing in the snow. Ryan was finally able to do a little ice fishing, and he caught a 28.5 inch pike. Now he is going to want to be fishing all of the time :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Wonderland

We finally got our first big snow of the winter! It looks so beautiful here this morning. I haven't taken pics yet, because I am working today. Blake is chomping at the bit to get out and build a snowman! I am posting a few pictures of Blake and Ryan playing in the snow last year at this time.....my has Blake grown in a year! He looks like a baby in these pictures. Can't wait to get out there and play with him this winter :)