Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pregnancy: Week 28

DATE: September 30, 2010

How far along: 28 weeks

Total Weight Gained: 25 pounds…..yup, not kidding!!

How big is Your developing baby, who this week weighs in at about two and a half pounds and stands — or rather lies — at almost 16 inches (measured head to toe) has added blinking, coughing, and more intense sucking to his or her growing bag of tricks.

Maternity Clothes: Pants….still wearing regular shirts….just big ones and long ones!

Sleep: this week it has taken a dramatic turn for the worst. I am up ALL of the time to go to the bathroom and every little sound wakes me up!!

Best Moment of the Week: Doctor apt. on Wednesday. Heard the heart beat…at a solid 153 BPM. Had the glucose test, no results back yet….but I am sure that we are fine!

Movement: oh yes….always!

Food Craving: Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits from McD’s…..delish!! And soda pop :(….sad.

Food Aversions: not really any

Morning Sickness: nada

Gender: GIRL!!

Symptoms: heartburn. Tums are my new best friend! And my hips are getting sore….too much extra weight maybe?

What I miss: being slim and sleeping through the night!

What I'm looking forward to: Just counting down the days now!

** No pictures this week, b/c I forgot to take them and upload them!! BUT, I assure you that I look similar to last week...just a teensy bit bigger...and with shorter hair :)


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blake's Weekly "report card"

Blake's teachers are putting up weekly updates on his classroom website. This was his report for last week. Sure does make a mama proud :)


Blake has been exploring the books this week! He has been enjoying almost every book in the case and loves to listen to different books at group time! When we read books in group he is always the first to sit and listens contently to each page.

He has also been exploring the musical instruments we had out. He really seemed to enjoy the piano's in the room and played with these for some time. When another child wanted to join he happily shared the piano and was able to work together with the other child to play music. This shows us his ability to work well with others and his ability to share the objects in the room!

Blake also found the shakers in the room and was very interested in these. He moved the shaker in all directions and looked through the openings to see all the objects inside. He realized that these made music when he shook them and found the mirror on one of the sides.

On the same subject, we were just informed that Blake is ready to move up to the wobbler room as "school"...although I am sad for him to leave his current classmates and teachers...I am proud of him for being a big boy. Technically he isn't supposed to move up until he is 24 months (which would be December), but I guess that he is ready now! I would rather have him with the older kids anyway, I think that he will learn more from being with them..and I bet that it will expand his vocabulary as well. I am just really sad for him to leave his teachers that he has been with for 9.5 months!! They have been so great to him!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mini Vacay (take 4)

A few more pictures from our trip up north!! I have SO many...and I really haven't taken any other pictures I am loading up on these!!

Blake did so good ALL day with no nap...but he had a little breakdown when he got tired. He just needed some snuggle time with mama :)
Walking along the boardwalk on Mackinaw...
Another view of the Grand Hotel....looks so big from this angle!

My handsome hubby....he didn't know that I was taking these...and thinks that I am a big dork for doing so....but I just think that he is so handsome :)


Monday, September 27, 2010

I Love You

I Love You
With all of my heart

When things are changing all around us and the world seems to move too fast, don’t forget I’ll be right beside you, loving you.
What I feel for you is deep, total, and enduring –
a love you can count on without ever having to wonder.
So when you look ahead to the future or look back and how things used to be, don’t forget to look beside you, because that’s where you’ll find me, loving you with all my heart.

Happy Anniversary.
(words are not mine...they are from the card that Ryan gave me yesterday in celebration of our 1 year wedding anniversary!!)


Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today is my parents 34th wedding anniversary! Pretty crazy to think about how long they have been together and how much they have gone though together!! I am so lucky to have two such awesome and supportive parents! They have always been there for my sister and Ryan and Blake...and for each other!

Ryan and I will celebrate our 1 year anniversary on Sunday! I hope that we can make it as long as my parents have :)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pregnancy: Week 27

DATE: September 23, 2010

How far along: 27 weeks
Total Weight Gained: 22 pounds…I am starting to have an issue with this…and I know that I should not, but it is just so hard! I looked at a weight gain calculator on It told me that I was 6 pounds heavier than I should be right now. Boo….I guess that I need to start being a little bit more careful with what and how much I eat! I didn’t have a problem losing the baby weight after Blake was born, and I hope that I do not again…but I am worried!

How big is baby: From Baby's Length: 9.25-9.50 in., Baby's Weight: 2-2.25 lbs., Baby's Size: Sock Monkey

Maternity Clothes: Yes! Wearing maternity pants, but still regular shirts. I am wearing a regular dress today as well.

Sleep: sleeping good…just waking up 4+ times to go to the bathroom! I am still having some crazy dreams!

Best Moment of the Week: Starting the 3rd trimester!

Movement: yes…all of the time. Ryan can feel it often…and you can see it from the outside too!!

Food Craving: oh just EVERYTHING…I am very hungry…and just could eat and eat (this is NOT good)!! Esp. Mexican food.

Food Aversions: not really anything

Morning Sickness: nope….

Gender: It’s a GIRL!!...

Symptoms: Itchy skin…I have been putting lots of lotion on the belly…but it is stretching (no stretch marks thankfully)!
What I miss: feeling skinny…I hit a wall last night, and was feeling icky about my body. I hope that it is a phase b/c I still have 13 more weeks to go!! It’s just so hard when you really have no control of your body!

**I hate to sound like this, b/c I know that it is best for the baby...but I am just being honest!! It's hard for me...

What I'm looking forward to: Starting to work on the nursery….PINK :) and my doctor’s appt. next Wednesday. It is the sugar test (which I am not really looking forward to…but one step closer!)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday...

I have not posted any wedding pictures in quite awhile, but decided that I would today because our anniversary is coming up (and I don't really have anything else to blog about...hahaha). These are more of the professional pictures that we have the copyright for.

The boys....

The boys with the cutest boy of them Blaker :)
This one is so cute of Ryan looking down at his baby....

Ryan and his mom
Ryan and his dad
mama Julie again.....this is such a good picture of both of them!!
mom and dad with their middle child :)
Our anniversary is on Sunday....hard to believe that we have been married for a year, but at the same feels like we have been together forever. My parents are celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary on Friday! We are going to a Tigers game on Friday night and then not sure what else for the rest of the weekend. I think that Ryan and I plan on going on a date to celebrate. We are rarely together just the 2 of us! We are going to hold off on any trips until I am not pregnant :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Days

Here are a few more pictures that Blake's teacher has put on his classroom web page. I just love that I can see pictures of him at "school" throughout the day. It makes me feel so much better knowing that he is having fun there while I am at work!

This is Blake and his "girlfriend" Lexi. His teacher told me how fond she was of my Blake, but I wasn't so sure until I saw these sweet pictures. Every morning when I drop Blake off Lexie gets so excited and yells "BLAKE!!"....his teacher told me that she always wants to hold his hand when they are leaving the classroom..and that Blake is very patient with her and will wait for her before he leaves...awwww, what a gentleman :)
These pictures just crack me up...looks like I will have my hands fun with a little ladies man :)
Looks like Blake is having a great time here with the beach ball...they were having a beach party in the classroom this day!!
Blake and his good buddy Frank just chillin' in the lawn chairs...looks like a couple of cute old men :)
And now it looks like Blake needed a little alone tome to relax...ha! What a doll.
We are so lucky to have Blake at such an awesome school. I know that he really enjoys it there and looks forward to going on the three days a week that he goes. It's so nice knowing that he is in such good hands...and he is learning so much too!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Mini-Vacay (take 3)

More pics from our mini-vacation that we took to Northern MI....lots of pictures....few words!!

Blake wanted to walk most of the time...he feels he is too old for the stroller! He is nuts, I would have given anything to be pushed around in comfort!!
Walking down a very steep hill...made me nervous the whole time!! I bet her walked over a mile straight without stopping or fussing!!
My Sanders boys in front of the Sanders chocolate store...(no relation :))
A view of the lake and the Mackinaw Bridge...
The bridge again
Blake taking in the beautiful sights!
Another one...
The Grand pretty!
The lawn in front of the Grand Hotel...
This past weekend we pretty much laid low. I had an overnight Leadership Retreat on Thursday night. Friday I was very tired! We just watched a movie. On Saturday Ryan went fishing, so we spent the night at my parents house. On Sunday my dad raced his car, so we went to the track. I have a few pictures of that that I will post later this week!!