Monday, November 30, 2009

U-Tube obsession….

We have a major problem….Blake is obsessed with watching toons on U-Tube! I don’t know HOW this happened…but it is terrible. I can no longer facebook or blog when he is awake!! He pulls and tugs on the compute until he climbs his way up on my lap…to watch toons that he can watch in TV….but it must not be the same. He wants to watch Noggin songs and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs OVER AND OVER AND OVER! He now can pitch a fit when he doesn’t get his way…this is a rather new development. And we do NOT like it!

taking over my computer....
he could watch this ALL day....
Seriously Blake...are we done yet?!? I have some blogging to do...
I blame my sis-in-law...she lets him do this at Ryan's parents house...
BUT...he is just as cute as can be...
Other than this new development the weekend was good! It was nice to have two extra days off from work. We had LOTS to eat (back on the diet this week), spent lots of time with family, I had a girls get-away on Saturday night for my friend Carson’s big 3-0, and didn’t do ANY Christmas shopping…

More on this past weekend tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

and the Wedding Anticipation pics roll on.....

JUST because I am bored ( work)....I will be making a SECOND post for the day....

More anticipation pics....just and FYI, these are pics 18-22 of this could go on ALL year!

another behind view....
after awhile, I just had to ask Jackie to give me the make-up brush and let me at it...esp. with the mascara, I dont know about you, but my eyes twitch like crazy when someone ELSE gets near me with that mascara wand...yet I am TOTALLY fine to do it by myself...WEIRD!
looking a little ghostly here....
A rare occurance for me to have nails...I WISH that I could keep them on all of the time....but post-Blake that is just NOT the most practical option!
If I would have known she was taking pics of my nasty feet I would have slipped some better looking flops on....WHAT is the point if this sick pic!!


I am thankful for SO very much….

Here is a list of a few of the VERY important things that I am Thankful for!!

1st and foremost my family….

my little Blake, who makes my life complete :)
My hubs, who is my sole mate <3 and SO very good to me and our baby parents and Ryans parents...we are very blessed to have SO much love and support.

My sister and my mom who babysit my little Blakers every day. SO thankful that he is in the hand of people who love him like CRAZY and that I don’t have to take him out of the house….
The fact that my hubby and I both have secure jobs and we don’t have to worry in this tough economy
(google images)
My friends…I have SO many, all of whom are very dear to my heart….I am a LUCKY GIRL!!
(google images)
Cable TV (mainly reality)…because I am addicted…
(this isnt a necessity, but I am thankful).
(google images)
4 days off of work…then just three weeks on, before a 2 week vacation!!
(not that I am counting the days or anything :))
(google images)

Thankful that I get to spend the weekend having fun with ALL of my family and friends, eating lots of food, and relaxing!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MORE wedding anticipation pics!!

On Thanksgiving we will have been married for 2 months already!! Here are a few mroe pics to add to my 'wedding anticipation' tag....

Most of my bridesmaids in the lobby having a mimosa in the lobby…to loosen them up for the big day :)
I am looking a little pale and nervous here....OR maybe it is just the fact that I have NO makeup on yet...yikes!!
photographer getting a little creative...
my friend Jackie applying something...not sure what!?
picture from the back....I thought that my veil would bother me...but I actually I wore it for quite awhile...I must have forgot that I had it on in the midst of all of the craziness!!
Erica getting her hair did...she is coming home this weekend for Thanksgiving and bringing her new baby Dylan....YAY...can't wait to see them!!


Monday, November 23, 2009

I just can’t believe it….

My baby is turning one! This has honestly been the fastest year of my entire life!! SO much has changed for us this year…and we are SO lucky for all of the wonderful changes.

We are having a little party to celebrate Blake’s birthday (WELL….actually two little parties….one on his actual b-day for the families…and then another two days before so we can invite some more of our friends to celebrate)….I created this invite on and they went out in the mail on Friday!

Turned out pretty cute, huh?


Friday, November 20, 2009

This one is for the dogs….

We don’t have a pet at our house….I think that it would just be too much with a baby. But Blake LOVES dogs…and one day will probably need one if his own…but for now, we will just play with the other doggies in our life….

Chauncy Billips

Chauncy is my sisters dog. A rescue from the shelter. Black Lab/Border Collie mix. We miss Chauncy...he is now living in CO with Mary's ex bf. He was their dog together...but since the broke up...and it was Mary's decision to move back to MI, Chaunc had to stay back... :(

Here he is when he came to visit this summer:

and here a long time ago....

Next is Chester.

The mini weinie...who isnt so mini anymore...

Chester is actually my old roomie Erica's dog....but I kinda feel like he is a part mine. We got him when she lived with me. And then when Erica moved to Nashville he had to stay with Ryan and I for awhile.

Here is is with Ry in their matching hoodies

Here we are on a cold winter night :)

The first day that we brought little Chet home...So sweet!!

When he was just a tiny baby....

And last is Jacqui!

Jackui is a Jack Russel my parents house. Jac was actaully my sisters dog, but turned into my parents. We got her when my sis was 14 years old...s0 12 years ago. She si a WILD dog....who is getting older...but not calmer!!

Here is is LOOKING calm....ha

actually she can be when it is just the fam...but throuw in another dog or person and she goes nuts!

In her winter vest...

she learned this begging trick a LONG time ago...we are not nearly impressed with her 'begging' as we were at first!

Maybe one day we will have one of our own....but not for a LONG LONG time!


Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am off to watch little sis-in law at her semi-final volleyball game! This game is HUGE. they are playing the #1 team, but they are the #3 team....and #2 is already out! SO, this is the game to won. If they win today State Finals are on Saturday....

regardless, we are SO proud of her!!

Dani (#10) and her friend Lyndsay....
Awesome little server!!
Celebrating a win with little Blaker!



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Dylan Thomas....

Finally posting these pics. I went down to meet baby Dylan last friday. He would have been just a few days old when these were snapped. mama Erica is doing good. Baby just slept when we were there...but I guess that is what they do when they are babies!

I remember just waiting and waiting for Blake to wake I pray for him to fall asleep and stay down for at least an hour!! My how times change!!

Look at his chubby little cheeks!
prefect complection and beautiful coloring
My sister Mary holding Dylan...she thinks that she is ready for a baby now :)
I must admit...she does look pretty cozy with a baby in her arms!
baby Dyan and I...
Dylan with his mama Erica...
The 3 of us...
my hair looks SICK...but whatev!!
Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!!
Event the camera flasses didnt bother him!!