Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here I am again 4.5 months after my last post.....but I'm HERE!!  (not that I will have any readers HA).

My two big kids having fun in the tub.  They are just getting SOOO old.  Love them.

My BABY in the tub.  Sitting up all alone like a big girl for the first time.  8 months old!  She isn't much of a mover.  No crawling, not much rolling....but she's got sitting mastered.
Liv has been Loving dance class.  She is about 6 weeks in and IN LOVE.  Every morning she wakes up and says "is it dance class day?"

Cutie pies....

Taylor Marie is all smiles at Baby School.  She is a very social little thing, and just loves ppl.  Look at her...and she WILL smile.  It doesn't take much.
In other news....we are still in the midst of a POLAR VORTEX.  no kidding.  It is frigid.  Just painful to go outside.  I am dreaming of summer!!