Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The County Fair

We went to the fair a couple of weeks back, but I haven't getten around to posting the pictures. Our county fair is pretty weak, but Blake got a kick out of it, so it was worth it.

Here are the kids in one of the barns...

Livi liked just looking at everything....
I THOUGHT that Blake was having a good time....but judging by this picture, I am not so sure.

He loved the bunnies. The 4-H girls got theirs out so he coudl pet them.

And the goats. Every bard that we went on he would say..."I want a goooooooooat" or " I want a bunnyyyyyyyyy" or I want a "cooooooow".....when we got the the pig barn he said "I dont want a pig mama....they stinky"...haha!

My loves...

I THOUGHT that we might be able to get out without riding the rides...but that didnt work...so we ended up letting Blake ride.

Crazy driver!!

The slide was his favorite. I must admit that my legs were sore from carrying him up ALL of those stairs numerous times!!

Taking this ride very seriously!

This is what Livi thought about the rides! LOL

He wanted to ride backwards in the rocket ships...what a little dare devil!!

He got a big kick out of this bounce house too...and it wasnt the easiest thing to get him out of! ha

until next summer......


Monday, August 29, 2011

This and That

Just some random thoughts for today….
• We took this picture on Friday night before heading to the football game. This was the 5th attempt, and the best of the bunch. Sure is hard to get a good picture right now!

• We walked to the football game on Friday (we live very close to the stadium). The kids were SO good. Ryan’s team beat mine by ONE point at the very end. Bummer! Ha.

• The weather has been BEAUTIFUL. I just love it. It could stay like this all year round if you ask me.

• We spent Saturday at my mom’s house. My mom and Blake went swimming…possibly the last swim and boat ride of the summer!

• We went to Ryan’s parents on Sunday. We worked in the garden. The cukes, beans, zucchini, and summer squash are about done. BUT, the potatoes, acorn, and butternut squash are about ripe. I am excited for some “fall” food.

• Livi has been a little under the weather. She stayed home from “school” today. She has a runny nose and just isn’t acting like herself.

• Blake had a GREAT first week in his “Tike” classroom. No adjustment issues at all. Now we just need to figure out how to convince him that big boys go pee-pee on the potty. He just is not interested yet!

• Ryan and I are leaving for Nashville/Gatlinburg on Friday with friends. My mom is taking the kids for 2 nights and Ryan’s for 1 night. We have a wedding in Gatlinburg, so are going to Nashville as well while we are down there! Should be lots of fun!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

My two guys were dressed like twinks the other day....completly by accident....so of course I had to snap a quick picture! Aren't they the cutest?!

We are looking forward to a weekend at home. We are planning on going to the 1st high school football game tonight. My high school is playing Ryan's high school...and we are big rivals :) Tomorrow we plan on spending the day at the lake (weather permitting)! I am so looking forward to a low key weekend without having to be on the go go go!! Our summer weekends are coming to an end now...so we have to soak it up!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

School Days!!

Blake transitioned from the Toddler room to the Tike room at school this week. It seems like just yesterday I was dropping him off for the very first time. I was so apprehensive at first about taking him to daycare. He is now entering into his third classroom....and daycare is GREAT for him.

We are so lucky to have such an awesome facility to send the kids to. It is really much more like a school than a daycare. Blake learns SO much and has so much fun there. The teachers care about the kids so very much and I have no worries about leaving my babies there.

Blake's teachers from his Toddler classroom just uploaded a bunch of pictures to the Shutterfly Share site that they have...it was fun to look at all of them...and reminded me of how much Blake has changed and grown since he started in that classroom. There are TONS of pics...but I just took a sample for today...I will post more in a later post!

Painting (I see More on the table than on the paper!).

This must have been hat day! ha
Blake and one of his best buddies, Hank. They both look so young to me in this picture! I see you!!

I am glad that he paints at school....I don't think that we could handle this mess at home!

Blake and Lexie. I think that Blake had a special fondness to little Lexie at one point :)

I don't think that you are supposed to eat that! lol

Looks like trouble!!

God Bless the sweet teachers that have to clean this mess up!!

so serious....

He looks like he is a business here!!

My happy little school boy!

When I picked him up on Monday this week I asked how his new class was. He said "Mama, I in pwe-school now".....Ahhh, what happened to my baby?! It will be kindergarten before I know it!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame!!

Last week we went to a Great Lakes Loon's game (our Minor League baseball team). This is the 3rd time that Blake has been...once each summer. He did pretty good this time. We made it to about the 5th inning before he had to get up adn walk around. Once that happened, we couldnt get him to come back to the seats...so we just left!! ha.

He was lucky and got to have some soda pop! He loves it.

Nana, Blake, and Papa
And Livi was a doll....watched for a bit and then just went to sleep!

What a little angel!

Hard to believe that summer is winding down...have to enjoy all of the summer activities while we still can!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where I've Been....

I have been MIA lately because I just got back from a long weekend at Lake Comberland, KY! me and 15 of my besties spend 3 days on a houseboat for my friend Megan's bachelorette party!!
It was SO much fun. We rented our house boat from the State Dock. It had 6 bedrooms with double beds, two pull out couches, a 16 person hot tub, 2 water slides, full kitchen, bar, grill, etc. Pretty much everything that you could EVER need on the lake!
This is what our boat looked like! Can you imagine 16 girls living on this for 3-4 days?! Luckilly my friend Erica was an excellent boat captain and could drive this like a champ! I don't think that I could have handled it!

Here we are in the hot tub! Someone thought that it would be funny to put soap in the tub and make a bubble bath! We didn't know what was going on when we first turned the jets on...lol. Isn't the scenery behins us beautiful?! We were ALL alone on the lake!

And THIS is how we got down to KY. 10 hours, 14 girls, in a MOTOR HOME! Yes, we are crazy....but it was so fun and so worth the tiredness that I feel now!!

I will have more pictures to post, but I have to upload them from my camera. I stole these ones from the State Dock web-site and my friends facebook pages!!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh How Pintresting

It's Wednesday again...so that means that I am linking up with Michelle!


1. I am SO doing this! How fun would it be to have this of 1st day of school for every year K-12?!

Source: misszoot.com via Annie on Pinterest

2. Totally made these yesterday and Blake gave him to their teachers today....they loved them!!

3. well, duh!!

Source: weheartit.com via Annie on Pinterest

4. It's only 10 a.m., is it too early to want this!?

5. One of these is totally going on my Christmas list this year!!

Source: etsy.com via Annie on Pinterest

6. I am ready for fall....bring on the fall clothing :)

Source: polyvore.com via Annie on Pinterest

7. I love this! I think that I should frame it as a reminder to my babies as they get older!!

What are you pinning?!? Link up here!!