Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Work week is coming to an end!!

I know that I only had to work three days this week, but it sure did seem like a long week anyway! I am ready for a break. I haven’t been feeling very good, so I am sure that doesn’t help.

We DO have a busy schedule for Thanksgiving though. We are doing dinner at Ryan’s grandparents first tomorrow and then again with my family. On Saturday we have Christmas with his other side of the family. I think that he plans on hunting on Friday, so I will probably go shopping or something with mother. Hard to believe that the holidays are really here already!...and that when we come back to work next week it will be December!

I have three more weeks of the class that I am taking. This weekend I have a paper due and I have to take a test. When this class is over I will be so grateful, because I will only have one more left (and then my paper of course). It has been a long time coming, but I will be so glad to finally be done and to graduate! I am glad that I stuck with it…it could have been really easy to quit MANY times.

After today I only have 15 more scheduled days of work before the holiday break/maternity leave. I keep thinking about ALL of the things that need to get done, but I need to realize that they will all get done regardless and everything will be just fine! I am trying to be as organized as possible and to leave detailed notes for the intern taking my place, but there are just SO many things to remember…so that is making me nervous!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Let it snow….

It has been snowing all day…and I love it! The forecast is calling for snow through the night..and we already have a good covering on the ground. We didnt get to the Christmas Tree this weekend, and now I REALLY want to!

What I DON’T love is the baby kicking at my ribs every second of the day!! It is getting REALLY uncomfortable. I am having trouble sleeping at night because I just cannot get comfortable. I guess that is to be expected though when you are 28 days from your due date! I really can't complain, because I have had a pretty easy pregancy, but I have a feeling that these final weeks are going to be rough.

The appointment went well on Friday. No real big news, besides everything looks fine, and it is just a matter of time now! We talked about the birth plan and whatnot, so it’s getting close!!

Hooray for the three day work week this week! One down, two to go!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving is in one week…oh my!

Where is the time going? Hard for me to believe that Thanksgiving is SO soon. Although, it has been snowing here all day, so it is starting to look like winter.

I am SO looking forward to my Dr. Appt. tomorrow morning. It’s funny how you HATE to go to the doctor’s office, but then when you become pregnant it is SO exciting to go :o). She is doing some tests, so hopefully she can see how I am progressing and if it looks like I am going to make it until my due date or not. My BP has been stable, so that is good, BUT I am getting quite uncomfortable. I can feel contractions quite often, but they are not regular…so no need to be alarmed (I don’t think anyway).

We are ready to bring the little one home. Here is a couple pictures of the bassinette in our room. I asked Ryan to rearrange the furniture, put the night stand on his side of the bed, and the bassinette on my side…I came home, and the bassinette was on his side. I was like, what in the world…but Ry just wants him close to him…how cute!

Thanksgiving is NEXT week and I still have my harvest decorations up around the house…but I am ready for the Christmas decorations to come out! I think that if we have time this weekend I will have Ry bring the tree up from the basement and put it up…no sense in waiting…might as well enjoy it!

I’m over it…

Time for Christmas stuff!!

This was taken out the back door this morning…I am sure it looks different now…much more snow :o)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Second post of the day…

My fist ‘post’ was more just like a ‘copy and paste’ so I thought I should leave another one! Busy day around the office today gearing up for the big CMU vs. Ball State football game. Everyone is fired up and excited! I am NOT going :o(…makes me a bit sad, but I know standing out at the tailgate for 3 hours and the sitting in the cold for another 3 would be too much for me right now! SO, instead we will be watching it from the comfort of the couch in our cozy living room.

I have a couple of pictures from this past Saturday evening to post today. The first is of me and my old roomie and dear friend Heather. She is preggers too, but not due until April! She is JUST starting to show and looks super cute!

The second is Heather, me, and my sister. Sister looks AWFULLY skinny compared to us (ESPECIALLY ME).

This week....

I get weekly e-mails telling me what is happening....crazy how big he is getting!! Here is what they say this week:

Your baby will be weighing in at around 5.78 pounds and measuring 18.66 inches. If you have not yet dropped (your baby has moved down into the birth canal) your uterus should now sit about 14 cm above your bellybutton and about 36cm above your pubic symphysis.
At this point of your pregnancy your healthcare provider should be able to tell you how your baby is presenting, for example if the head is down or if it may be in a breech position.
Usually around weeks 32-35 you can feel the baby's head in your lower abdomen below the umbilicus, sometime the baby's head may not be hard enough to be identified as the head. The head will become harder as calcium is deposited in the fetal skull.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another busy day….

Mary left this morning to head back to Colorado :o(…mom and dad took her to Detroit and the traffic was so bad that she ALMOST missed her plane! Oops…the roads were really icy this morning, so people were probably driving extra slow! I met them for lunch on their way back through town.

The baby is STILL moving like crazy today. I am anxious to hear what the doctor says at my appointment on Friday morning. If all is ok I have 34 more days until my due date. Only 21 more work days until maternity leave...that is if I make it that far! I am still stressing about everything that has to be done before I leave!!

I have an event tonight after work with my student group…and then I will be heading home to cozy up on the couch. Ryan says that he has TONS of homework to do, so it should be a pretty quiet night!!

I haven’t taken pictures of my belly in a few weeks, so I better have Ryan do that as well…I am trying to NOT think about the size of my belly…but I am sure that one day I will want to look back at it and remember :o)

I do have a couple of pics to post that I took this weekend, but I haven’t loaded them yet…but I will post an old one :o)….this is Ryan on Mackinaw Island the day he asked me to marry him…What a cutie...yesterday was our 20 month anniversary...silly, I know...but I keep track of all of those dates!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Moving Like Crazy

The movement that I can feel in my stomach today is unbelievable! I don’t think he has stopped once all day…and it is NOT comfortable! There is NO room left and he is right under my ribs! Poor little one...and poor me :o(...haha

This weekend was nice. Mary was here (still is). We got her from Detroit on Friday. Had dinner at Freddie’s and then went home and played some games. Mary and I beat Tony, Erik and mom…(of course :o)) at Catch Phrase.

On Saturday we came to town for lunch and some shopping. Had dinner at the lake and just hung out. Mom put the Christmas tree up (with a little help from the rest of us). Heather came and spent the night with us as well. She is starting to show and looks very cute!

Sunday we woke up went to church and breakfast and then headed over to Saginaw to Babies R Us and Toys R Us. Got a few more things for the baby!! It snowed like crazy while we were there. Kind of put us in the holiday spirit.

Ryan got back from hunting on Sunday night. He didn’t get one, but he said that it was fun (and cold)…he will try again next weekend I guess. We are heading out to mom and dad’s tonight for dinner with everyone before Mary heads back to Colorado tomorrow. Boo for her leaving…BUT she will be back in about 4 ½ weeks…staying for 2 ½ weeks that time!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Only one more day until the weekend! It has been a long week and I am looking forward to some rest. I am sure that my weeks will feel like they are getting longer before they feel any shorter. I am not sleeping all that great…but I guess that is to be expected!

I am going to dinner tonight with Carson. Meeting her downtown right after work, so that will be fun! Ryan needs to pack up all of his stuff for hunting tonight as well. He is leaving tomorrow after working until noon and will not be back until Sunday evening. I will miss him, but we will be busy doing girl things .

We stayed up to watch the CMU game last night. I fell asleep in the fourth quarter. We were up 30-6 so I didn’t think much of it. Come to find out we went into overtime, but ended up pulling off the win! Close call…but all that really counts is the W. One more BIG game next week. That should be a true test.

Ryan and I tried to talk about the baby’s name last night…but still didn’t come up with a consensus. We are running out of time! EVERYONE asks what we are naming him. I say ‘I don’t know’ and they all think that I am just keeping it a secret! I guess it will come to us soon…

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling better today….

I am feeling much better today. Yesterday was a stressful day. Work was crazy and I had lots of homework looming over my head. I got the majority of the homework done last night, so tonight I will be able to relax a bit more and enjoy my evening!

CMU plays tonight at NIU. The game is televised on ESPN 2 so we will be able to watch it on TV. FIRE UP CHIPS! I had heard the NIU was picked to win, but I think CMU will get it! Next Wednesday will be the BIG game against Ball State. The last home game of the season AND both Ball State and CMU are having great seasons.

I just added the wedding countdown to my blog today and was surprised to see that there was only 10 months and 2 weeks until that big day! I better get planning.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TOO Busy....

Today has been a crazy day. I feel like I am running around like a crazy lady! Work was nuts, and now I have a meeting yet this evening. Sometime I need to fit some homework in as well! :(

I am starting to feel the need to rush and get as much done at work as I can before I am off for 10 weeks. Only 25 1/2 days left of scheduled work before my maternity leave...and it quite possibly could be LESS than that! WOW...seems like I have so much to do in such a short period of time! EEK. Luckily I have an intern that will be covering for me in my absence...

here is one more pic from the shower...three aunts kissing the baby :)
Aunt Mary, Aunt Erica, and Aunt Missy :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

6 more weeks!

Only 6 weeks til due date! That is CRAZY. I feel like we were just at 12 weeks!

I feel like the little guy is trying to kick his way out of my tummy today. It is NOT a pleasant feeling, but I can only imagine that the poor baby has no more room in there!

It is snowing a bit here today...I guess we should expect that for November, but we have been so lucky to have such warm weather.

Ryan is going out hunting with his dad tonight, so I will be cozying up at home trying to stay warm and working on some homework. Hopefully I can get a little jump on that before I get too busy this week.

Mary is coming home on Friday for the weekend, so I am looking forward to spending more time with her!!

Have a few more pictures of the shower now to post from Erica's camera....

gifts :)

Me and my dad...

cute cake!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coast is Clear

Sister got her report back from the Biopsy on Tuesday and the news is good...the lump is nothing and she can either just let it be or get it removed! SO...that is wonderful news and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

She is thinking about coming home and visiting us next weekend, which would be fun. The boys will be up north hunting so we will have a girls weekend! Maybe go out to some fun dinners, shopping, and movies!

I have a follow-up doctor appointment tomorrow morning from all of my issues last week, so we will pray that the BP is down and I am good to go for a couple more weeks. I feel as though I am better...the cold symptoms are finally all gone and I am feeling better over-all. Keeping my fingers crossed!

The nice weather is finally moving out and we are supposed to get wind, cooler temps, and rain tonight. Blah :(

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Missing my sis...

I wish my sister was closer I mean like on my couch...not across the continent :(. She had a biopsy yesterday on a lump and is now bruised and in pain...and there is nothing that we can do about it. If she was closer to home we could take care of her! I am prying that the results come back good and that she makes a speedy recovery.

It’s another beautiful day here in mid-Michigan. It was 72 and sunny this afternoon! Crazy for this time of year. BUT, I hear that they are calling for 40's and a wintery-mix this weekend! Looks like this could be the last of it for the year.

I am looking forward to a relaxing evening of lying on the couch and catching up on some TV...and maybe a little homework (emphasis on little :)).

I am experiencing LOTS of baby movement today. It is getting uncomfortable. Poor guy is running out of room in there!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day...

It’s a big day and everyone is buzzing about the election. It will be interesting to see what the future holds!

We worked some more on the nursery, and are now just about ready for the little guy to get in there!

It is STILL 70 degrees here today, sure doesn’t feel like November 4th! We better remember this come next May when it is still 40 degrees and dreary.

33 weeks and growing...

cozy little crib :)

changing table...

crib and lots of shower gifts that have yet to find a home..

Monday, November 3, 2008

7 more weeks!!

That is if the little guy hangs in there! The doctor appointment on Friday afternoon was good. My blood pressure was down a bit at the protein test came back good. Now I just have to follow up this coming Friday. Doctor said that if that some people just have their baby's early...and if I am one of those people, there isn’t much that I can do about it.

We went to the SHA football game at Kelly/Shorts on Friday night. It was looking rough at first, but they pulled out another victory. This Friday they play Beal City. Ryan is sure that Beal is going to win...but I am just not so sure!

After the game we went to Bennigan’s for dinner. I was still feeling pretty congested and cruddy.

Saturday was a lazy day at home and then at the lake. I laid around almost ALL day trying to make myself feel better. Ryan did some fishing. He caught one big to prove it!!

Yesterday after church mother and I drove over to Saginaw to buy the mattress for the crib at Babies R Us. Not the nursery is just about all set! I will take some more pictures of that tonight to post.

It is almost 70 degrees today! Sure doesn’t feel like November 3rd! It is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. CrAzY.

Fall day at the lake...

fisherman and his little helper...

Jacqui looking on...

Ryan's big catch!!