Thursday, July 30, 2009

last pictures

We had a fun night last night....first I went to ww. The we all went to dinner b/c my Aunt Pat was in town. Blake slept pretty much the whole time, so when we got home we had to keep him up for awhile, so he would sleep through the night! We did...and he stayed up until about 10 and slept until 7 this morning...can't complain about that! He has been sleeping for about 10 hours straight for the past couple of weeks. The earlier he goes down, the earlier he gets up. He gets super tired at about 7:30...but is we let him go down then, he will be up at 5:30 a.m. and ready to PLAY :)

Here is B and I outside. My hair looks SICK, but he is just too stinking cute not to post!
Chillin in the lazy-boy like a big kid!
With Aunt Mary and Chauncy...
Close up....SO cute!
Across the street at the park...watching Chauncy play frisbee....

Good thing we put his jammies on before we went....B is getting VERY sleepy...

Chauncy w/ his fisbee
What a good boy
My sis and her baby :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Relaxing on the deck….

Last night was nice out. My sister has been staying at our house wither dog. We took him across the street to the park to play Frisbee. He is really quite amazing at catching a Frisbee! Blake just sat in his stroller all excited about being out and about and watching the dog! Tonight my Aunt Pat is here and we are going out to dinner (after weight watchers, how ironic :o)).

Blake is SO full of energy. Always moving, tugging, pulling, laughing, and thrashing around. It is so fun to watch him, but I have a feeling that we are REALLY going to have our hands full in a couple of years!!

Here he is, sitting in a chair on the patio like a big boy...
Clearly LOVING every minute of it :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New best buddies….

New best buddies….

I finally uploaded a couple of pics from when Heather and Gwen came to visit last week! I didn’t get any of the whole group…but I did get a couple of the babies!

They are almost exactly 4 moths apart. I think that they will be great buddies as they grow up :o)

Look how cute they are:

Then they got bored :)...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Patiently awaiting….

...the arrival of our wedding invites. They should be here ANY time….but I keep checking the mail and the front door and they are NO WHERE to be found yet. We are about 9 weeks out from the BIG day…SO, they need to get here STAT so I can get them out in the mail!!

Crossing my fingers that they come TODAY!

Here is what they look like...this is kind of small, but you get the idea :)
Mine will be the same green color, but the ribbon will be navy to match our wedding colors!

Friday, July 24, 2009

We’re FREE!!

We finally have a weekend with NOTHING to do, and it feels GREAT. We have been so busy. This weekend I am totally looking forward to relaxing. Hopefully getting some sun….I can’t believe that the end of July is here, it feels as if we have hardly had any summer weather!!

At noon my mom, Blake, and I met Tony for lunch and then strolled around the sidewalk sales downtown. It is such a beautiful day it was hard to come back to the office!

Tonight we are heading to the lake for dinner and maybe a boat ride. On Sunday we are meeting with our priest regarding the wedding. It is the meeting where we have to answer TONS of questions about love, marriage, money, power, etc. should be interesting to say the least. I really feel that Ryan and I are on the same wavelength, so I am not too worried about the outcome!

Had a great time with Mary, Heather, and the babies last night at dinner. I took some pics of the babies together, I will upload and post those soon! Gwyneth is the CUTEST little girl! Just precious…and SO good!

Next week I am going to head to the bakery and order the cake, make arrangements to meet with the florist and get plans in order, and HOPEFULLY start putting together invites…they should be arriving ANY day now!

As of about 2:30 this afternoon Blake hadnt nepped ONE bit today...what in the world? He is home with his daddy now, anf hopefully both of them are getting some rest...or I will be heading home to two crabby boys!

look at this serious face:
and these blue eyes:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dinner plans!

I am excited to see my friend Heather tonight. She is coming to visit with her daughter Gwenyth! Gwynn was born in April, so she is a little less than 4 months younger than Blake!

My sis, Heather, myself, and the babies are planning on going out to dinner. Hopefully I remember to take a few pics, so I have some recent ones….

Here are some oldies in the meantime!

Here is Heather, myself, and Mary last November....
H and I were both preggers...I only had a few weeks to go at this point. Just about ready to POP!
and again...just the preggers this time:
Here we are at Heather rehersal dinner last summer....(I was preggers here too, just didnt want anyone to know yet)
The old roomies at our other roomie Dani's wedding, also last summer....(and here as well....they probably wondered why I kept volunteering to be the DD :))
And a REAL oldie...this was St. Patty's day....I believe it was either 2004 or 2005....seems like just yesterday. We had so much fun in that house that we lived in!!

Weekly Weigh-In

Weighed in at ww last night and lost .6 lb. for the week. Not too GREAT, but I will take it. I partied a lot this past weekend on our trip up north…so there was lots of eating and drinking involved! I have reached my goal at ww, but I actually want to lose a few more. There are only 9 more weigh in’s before the wedding….so I am going to weigh in EVERY week!

I have been doing ww for 26 weeks and have lost a total of 31.8 lbs. I have to admit…it feels pretty good!

I am doing a boot camp workout in August for two weeks, so hopefully that will do something. Considering I do practically NO exercising right now, I am sure that it will! Haha

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You can have you cake and eat it too!

I have been researching wedding cakes because I have to tell the cake lady what I want NOW....(well actually 2 months ago, but I lost track of time)....

I always come back to the same theme, so I think that I am ready to commit to a style! I like the round cakes, three layers, dots made out of icing. I am going to go for an all off-white cake, decorated with a few flowers, but nothing TOO much....

Here is a picture of what I have in mind (but not as many flowers.....the flowers are my colors though, so I can get a good idea!):
Hard to believe that we only have 2 months left!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun weekend…

We had a good time up in TC this past weekend. The weather was cruddy, but that didn’t slow us down too much!

Here are a couple of pics from Friday night. We just went o dinner and then out to a bar after that. It was more than I had partied in awhile…so I was feeling a bit slow on Saturday morning!

Here is Dani (Ryan's little sister) and I:
Ry was apparently distracted by someone else...
My friend Kellianne and I:

Monday, July 20, 2009

where has the time gone...

I was looking through some old albums today b/c I am thinking about getting Blake's baby book in order (better late than never!!)...and I just can't believe how much he has changed in 7 months! It is amazing to see his progress each month!

Here we are JUST after he was born. Look at that tiny little perfect!
Here he is with Aunt mary at just a few weeks old.
He was 2 months old here...and to think that we thought he was a 'big boy' then....what a little peanut!
And here he is now at 7 months tall and alert!
His hair has gotten even lighter...and his eyes bluer
I cant wait to see what changes he makes in the NEXT seven months!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Thank goodness it’s Thursday! Today is my FRIDAY….b/c I have tomorrow off of work! We are heading to Traverse City for a wedding. We have really been looking forward to this weekend. I think that it is going to be a great time! We were planning on leaving in the early afternoon, BUT Ryan just found out that he has to work until 4:30, SO we will just leave then! That will give me some time to get some stuff done around the house anyway!

Blake is staying home with my parents.

I just got his new pics back. You can see that I updated the picture in my sidebar. I don’t like it as much as his 4 mo. pic, but he is cute no matter what. I just have to smile when I look at the little grin of his :o)

I weighed in at WW last night. I lost 1.8 lbs. this past week. That takes me to my GOAL (and just a little under actually). I have lost 31.2 pounds since January. Hard to imagine carrying around another 30+ pounds now. I still think that I have a few to go, but I do feel SO much better now!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It doesnt feel like we have had much of a summer....but we are enjoying it every chance we get!

Sunset over the lake from a boat ride:

Ryan and I on the boat:

I am off to weigh in at wasnt such a good week, so I have my fingers crossed for a loss!! I am SO close...yet so far away!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daddy’s – boy

Ryan is such a good daddy…and as much as I hate to admit it Blake is a daddy’s-boy. They are so cute. Blake lights up whenever Ryan walks into the room. Ryan rocks him to sleep every night. Last night Ryan was out for a bit, so I put Blake to bed by myself….I think that he was wondering where his daddy

Blake and Ry on the boat:
Watching the sun set:
Cute of Blake...not of Ryan
Cute of Ryan...not of Blake!

Monday, July 13, 2009

7 months old!

Today Blake is 7 months old. Hard to believe that we have had him for so long….but at the same time I can barely remember NOT having him. He is the best. If all babies were as great as him I would have 8! Seriously….he is so easy to be around. He is just the happiest baby in the world, and I am SO thankful!

Here is a list of things that he is doing at 7 months:
-Sleeping through the night, usually from about 8:30 til 6:30 or 7
-eating cereal (rice and oatmeal…oatmeal is his new fav), fruits, and veggies. He LOVES to eat. Dr. said we can start meats and pots, but I don’t want to! It’s too gross….haha (meat in a jar is WRONG).
-rolling over like a crazy man. If you leave him on the floor he will move about 4 feet in a matter of seconds!
-trying to crawl, but does more of a scootch, can’t quite get the concept of using his hands to get up on. (but will SOON)
-loving the Johnny Jump Up and the walker. He is always on the move
-grabbing everything is site: toys, dogs, mama’s hair, jewelry, etc. and tugging as hard as he can (which, fyi, is HARD)
-making dinosaur noises…he is SUCH a boy
-laughing out loud…best sound in the whole wide world
-smiling….smiling is his favorite

-making his daddy and me the happiest parents in the world….we just love him SO much.

on the baot this past weekend:

Friday, July 10, 2009


I am PUMPED that it is the weekend. This has been a LONG work week. Maybe because we were coming off of the holiday weekend? I didn’t like working 5 days….luckily next week is a 4 day work week b/c I have Friday off since Ry and I are headed north for a wedding!

We don’t have many plans for this weekend, so that is a relief. It will be nice to relax a bit! We are going to register for the wedding tomorrow! Getting Ry to go to the store is like getting him to pull out his own tooth (impossible)…so I am keeping my fingers crossed that plans do not change!

We went to the jewelry store this afternoon and picked up my wedding band and ordered Ryan’s! CRAZY that the BIG day is coming up so soon! Now that I have my beautiful band in my possession, it will be hard to fight the urge to wear it before the big day….you know how I LOVE my bling :)…how sad for it to be sitting in a drawer! haha

Blake and I went to the park last night and watched the friends play volleyball….he is QUITE the flirt with the girls. Lots of winking and smiling. We are going to be in trouble when that boy gets to be about 16!

Blake taking a little snooze in the swing...look at that belly!!:

MORE Jamaica pics!
My babe catching a ride to the private island: the fam:
out in front of the main building:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Double whammy weigh-in

2 weigh-ins to report about today!

1st (and most important) is that Blake had his 6 month check up today. He will actually be 7 months on Monday, but we are a little off on our timing of these visits. SO, the dr. said that he looks great…but he is still kind of a peanut. He is growing though, so that is all that matters!! Ha. He is actually quite tall….in the 90th percentile….at 28 inches. The weight is a different story. He weighed in at 17.6 pounds…which is ok, in the 50th percentile. Is head is a little pea-head, in the 25th percentile….but that has been like that right along.

The dr. said that he is good…just tall and slender (I’m a little jealous :o)). He got 4 shots. One oral, and then three in his legs. Poor little guy! He is actually quite brave, and only cried for a few seconds, but he was fussy later this afternoon.

He can’t start eating 2nd foods not, meat and potatoes….sounds so sick to me, I would rather keep him a vegetarian, but I guess I will see what he thinks about the meat! We are also introducing oatmeal…instead of just the rice cereal. BIG steps for our little one!!

The other weigh in was ME. I stated back at WW last week after a few weeks off (after vacation). Last night was my first weigh in back on the program. I had gained .2 lbs. from my hiatus, but this past week I lost 1.8, so that put be back in the range of my “lifetime” goal…and I was FREE!! SO, now I just have 1.4 lbs. to lose to get back to my target! Yay. The end is in sight…then it’s just the maintaining :o(.

Little peanut in the stroller while dad was doing yard work:
you can see that his hair is coming in here!
Here are the "daily' Jamaica pics:

Ry and I lounging by the beach:
lounging by the pool (we did LOTS of lounging)!
View of the main pool (early in the day so no one was there yet!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Blake’s hair is coming in so much every day. He was so bald; for so long, that it is nice to see that he really IS going to have hair! It is quite blond..and you still can’t really see it in pictures, but it IS there!

I got his 6 month pics taken a couple of weeks back, so I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I should be getting them within the next couple of weeks!

Tomorrow morning is his 6 month check-up. We are a little late on all of these appointments, considering he will be 7 months on Monday, but oh well. I am anxious to see where he weighs in at and how tall he has gotten. He seems really long, but we don’t really have anyone to compare him to :o)

Here is the little baldy with me. These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago...the hair seriously has come in since these were taken....b/c his head looks as shiny/bald as can be here!! haha