Friday, January 29, 2016

Wed, Thurs, Friday - make up post!

What we're eating:
Monday I made this.  Which I found here - and it was amazing!
Baked Caprese Chicken - Amazingly crisp-tender chicken baked with melted mozzarella and topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh basil and balsamic reduction!

Tuesday I had a meeting - so the kids just had a quick dinner of stuff that we had :)

Wednesday I made Chicken Fajitas - yum.

Thursday we had spaghetti - meh to me - but Liv begs for it

Ryan is still kicking a$$ with loosing weight - me, not so much.  I am slowly (VERY slowly) shedding - but I need to kick myself into gear soon.

What we're reading:

I'm in the middle of this.  I like these series - but after 22 they all sound about the same.  Oh well, its a good, easy read :)

Blake and I are currently reading this:

But also finished these two this week:
both so silly and cute :)

These popped into my #timehop from one year ago.  Just starting Gymnastics.  She still loves it.
Olivia and her bestie Bridget!  Too much sass!

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