Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Meals this Week

I have been really trying to do a good job with my meal planning and prepping for the week.  I find that when I have dinner planned out each night, our evenings are so much less stressful!

Ryan and I are both trying to eat healthy and cut calories - so meal planning and prep can help us to stay on track.

Since the beginning of the year he has lost SO much more weight than I have.  How is it that men can just drop pounds - and it is so much harder for women?!  NOT fair.  I have been slowly shedding - but an only down about 2 pounds since the beginning of the year.  We are going to Florida in April - so I would love to be more comfortable in a bathing suit by then...

Meals this week:

Monday - Chicken Marsala with Whole Wheat Pasta and roasted mushrooms.

I tried this packaged sauce and it was quick and easy.  Would totally make it again!

Tuesday - Left over Chili 

I had a meeting at Blake's school - so we just had some left over chili from a big batch that I made on Sunday.

Wednesday - Cashew Chicken

I am going to do a version on this recipe that I found on Pinterest.  
*edit:  This was SO good.  Will 100% make again!

Thursday - Quick and Easy Chicken and Avocado Burritos

Also from pinterest - I will tweak the recipe a bit.
Quick and Easy Chicken Burritos

*On Fridays we usually just make something quick and easy :)

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