Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This and That

Last week was Catholic Schools Week at Blake's school - so he had a theme for each day.  Monday was "nerd day"...he was all over that!  haha.  I failed to get pictured the other days - but he sure did love getting into the spirit.

Olivia and Ryan went to the Daddy Daughter Dance.  She just loves this and totally eats up the attention.  This girl is such a little poser.  These pics are all unprompted.  No idea where she gets this behavior from?! ;)

My little beauty isn't so little any more.  This will probably be her last solo Daddy Daughter Dance with her daddy - as Taylor will be old enough to join next year!

Mary and I went to Tip Up Town.  Its an annual tradition.  So much fun - pretty much just a giant winter beer tent on/near the ice.  Woo hoo for a day/night with no responsibilities.  We can't hang like we used to though!

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