Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Easter. I am late in posting them...and have a few more that I will post soon!! I feel like I am late in everything right now! I am running and running and just can't quite catch up! Hopefully things will slow down a bit soon and we can get back into our regular routine!

Blake and cousin Addy hunting for eggs!!

Olivia and her Great-grandpa Tom (Ryan's grandpa)
and again...

Blake LOVES to be outside!

He is a little too brave this year....wandering farther and farther away.

And no hesitation to ehad out on the dock...

Last summer he was hesitant to walk out there by himself...not anymore. We are going to have to keep close tabs on him this year!

Being a little daredevil.

My boys...love them!



Paige said...

Such Easter cuties! I love Blake's little smiling face! =)

undomestic chica said...

Such cute pictures! Maybe Blake should walk around with a life vest on? Oh wait. I'm the only crazy mama that would make my child do that?

Erin said...

looks like a blast Love the pictures :) So cute.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Easter egg hunts are always so much fun - looks like this one was a hit! :)

Julie S. said...

Love their Easter outfits! So cute!