Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 month dr. appt.

Blake had his two-month wellness visit last Thursday. He weighed in at 11lbs and 8oz. He measures 22 and ¼ inches in length. His head measured 15 inches. He jumped up to the 50th percentile for height and weight and the 25th for his head. Our little peanut is catching up to the other kids!

He also got some immunizations. He had to get two shots, one in each leg, and then the other was via a liquid that he could drink. He did good…considering the trauma the poor guy must have been going through. The oral one was fine…he thought that was a little treat. After the first shot he was in shock…just red faced and silent….then the second one came…he was screaming so hard that nothing was coming out….poor little thing! But then he got it together and only cried for about 5 minutes and then seemed fine the rest of the night!

He looks a little mad :(

a little better he's glad that he doesn't have to go back there for two months!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love smiling....

Smiling is my favorite :)

Ryan took these pics on Sunday morning. Blake's new thing is smiling. We will wake up in the middle of the night...and he will just be laying in his bassinette..and when you look at him he smiles this big. What a happy little boy. We are so lucky :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In

We had our weekly weigh in last night. I lost 1.6 lbs. This week bringing my total up to 10.6 lbs lost….feels good, but at the same time depressing, because I still have about 20 pounds to loose….when I think about that, I feel like it will take forever!! We have been at it for 6 weeks now...SO I would hop to have the rest off in 12 more weeks, but in reality it will probably start slowing down...and it wil be harder to take off the rest of the weight...I have been working out a bit more though, so hopefully that will help!!

We went wedding dress shopping on Tuesday in Lansing at Fantastic Finds. I did find a couple that I really liked….more than any of the others that I have tried on….BUT, they would all look better with a few less pounds!! I am going to try to wait as long as possible to order, but I really only have about another month before I HAVE to make a decision!

Blake has his two month dr. appointment this afternoon. I am excited to see his weight and height…but getting nervous about his shots. Ryan is going to meet us there, so he can hold him down while he is getting poked. I can’t do it, it makes me too sad.

He is getting so good at playing with his Baby Einstein gym. You have to hit one of the hanging toys pretty hard to make the light light up and the music play…so we used to have to do it for him…but now he is starting to do it all alone!!

He is still waking up twice during the night. Once at about 2 and once at about 5. I was really hoping that it would be down to once a night by the time I went back to work…but I am starting to doubt that that will happen.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

2 months!

Hard to believe that my baby is two months old already. The months FLEW by. Blake is getting so big, and he is just the best baby ever. We are so lucky to have him. I can’t imagine life without him now that he has been here for two months. I am anxious to see how much he weighs/measures at his dr. appt. on Thursday.

I had the best Valentines Day ever with gifts from both of my boys. On Friday Ryan gave me a charm for my bracelet and a card…that were from Blake. And then on Saturday Ry gave me another charm and a card that were from him. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have the two best boys in my life!

My cousin Jessica and her family are here now. Aunt Janice passed away on Friday, so my cousins Jessica and Jennifer are cleaning out her house. Jessica’s three kids came over last night. It made Ry and I thankful that B is still so young and easy to take care of (or maybe we are just used to him)!! We were busy playing games and chasing around a kindergartner, 1st grader, and 5th grader…looks like we have a LOT to look forward to :)

Today we spent time with the families and then tomorrow we will go to Aunt Janice’s memorial. After that I hope to enjoy my last two weeks of maternity leave!!

Ry came home on Friday with a birthday card for he is on his 2 month b-day with his card from his daddy....

Sure is a lot bigger than he was on his 1 month b-day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

random 25

Well...since everyone is doing these on facebook...and it has become such a huge on-line and on the news...iI decided to do one too! I just really got excited everytime I logged on to facebook and saw someone who had posted here is mine (I posted it on facebook too...but figured what the heck, I took the time to do it, might as well put it on my blog as well):

1. Every time that I log on to facebook (which is often), and I see one of these top 25 posts, I get excited…so I guess I will do one too!

2. Filling this out is a bit “out of my box”…I don’t usually do this stuff. For instance, I have NEVER posted a bulletin on MySpace…and don’t divulge too much info on-line…until now.

3. I always heard people say “you don’t know what love is until you have a child of your own”….and I thought…well, I think I do, I love a lot…BUT, its true…the minute you see your own little one for the first time, you love more than you ever thought possible!

4. Ryan and I are getting married on Sept. 26…and we can’t WAIT! We are so excited for that day. We have such fun friends…so having them all together under one roof is sure to make for a great time!

5. If someone would have told me three years ago…that by 2009 I would be getting married and have a child I would have laughed…but now it is a reality, and I couldn’t be happier…I wouldn’t change a thing! I feel very lucky.

6. I am pretty much obsessed with reality TV….you name it, I probably watch it…

7. I am working on my Masters…and should be done with my Plan B this semester…so I will graduate in May! I am excited…but won’t know what to do when I am done…I have been in school FOREVER…so not having class/homework/research will be strange!

8. I have never eaten Tuna….or any meat that comes out of a can for that matter. Just not my thing!

9. I love to travel! I don’t get to do it enough…BUT we are going to Jamaica in June and I cant wait.

10. some people say that I am a bad driver…some call it “aggressive” driving…whatev, I’m OK with it.

11. I add “kins” after some peoples names…just those that I love…such as: Mommy-kins, Daddy-kins, roomie-kins (for ex. Roomies) etc. You get the idea…NOW many of my friends refer to me as Annie-kins…I’ll take it as a term of endearment

12. my sister just moved home after living in Colorado for two years…and I am SUPER happy….she is my best friend, she has been my whole life. We have always been very close. When we were younger I thought that I wanted my own room, but when I got it, we ended up sleeping in the same room anyway. Then in college we moved out of our parents house…but eventually in to the same apt. as each other.

13. I LOVE Mexican food. It is def. my fav. When I was preggers I could eat it every day (well at least 4 times/week). Everyone thought that after I had the baby I would never want it again…that didn’t happen. I could still eat it just as often…except for now I CANT…unless I still wanted to APPEAR preggers…no thanks to that!

14. My parents are the best. I love them so much. I love that all of my friends have always been close to them as well. I talk to them every day. Usually talk to my mom multiple times a day…and see her every day too! If I ever move away I will have a hard time not seeing her all of the time.

15. Speaking of moving away…when I was in high school I thought that I would never go to CMU so I could get away, but then I stayed…and then when I was at CMU I thought that as soon as I graduated I would get a job somewhere else, so I could get away, but then I stayed…and now…I work in Mt. P, I own a home in Mt. P, and I really like it in Mt. P…I can’t really see myself living anywhere else right now.

16. Ryan’s family is the best. I really love them…and I feel like they are my family. Which is great, since they will be my family in about 7 months.

17. I have a LOT of clothes…my closet is SO full that there is NO room for anything else. (and its not like it is a small closet or anything…it is a walk-in), BUT, somehow I still feel like I have NOTHING to wear! I used to have a small problem with shopping for clothes, it is getting better. Now I have this thing, whenever I buy a new item of clothing, I have to get rid of one item in my closet…swap them out, you know? Since there is no room for any more hangers…

18. I prefer cookie dough to the actual cookies…but if I do make cookies, and eat them….I have to eat them on a plate, with a fork. I never just pick up a cookie and munch on it. My old roomie Erica thought that was crazy. She was probably just mad b/c she did most of the dishes…so a new plate for each cookie might seem a bit extreme to her!

19. I don’t really watch many movies…I have a short attention span, and generally get sick of it before it is over. I’ll just stick with my reality TV.

20. The crazy thing about TV is, is that I will watch episodes that I have already seen…it drives Ryan CRAZY…but in my defense, MTV, VH1, Bravo, E!, etc. always play re-runs…so I sorta get sucked in. I feel like Ry has no room to talk, because he could watch SportsCenter all day long…and I watch it with him for just a few minutes, and I see the same thing over and over! AND he watched fishing on TV, seriously, who watches fishing?…He does….talk about repetitive.

21. The first time that I ever went camping, like in a tent, was two years ago. My friends thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle it…but I did…and now I actually sorta like it! Who knew…

22. the reason that I never went camping was because my family had a cottage on a lake while I was growing up, and now my parents live on the lake full time…one day I hope to live on the lake too!

23. I LOVE my car…but now that I am a mom, I am thinking that maybe I need a more mommy-ish car…but NOT a mini…maybe a cross-over.

24. I really like my job. I have always enjoyed working…but I am dreading going back in two and a half weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed my maternity leave…and am worried about how much I am going to miss my baby when I go back to work!

25. Ryan makes me laugh…we laugh til we cry OFTEN…and I LOVE it. Laughing is the best.


My baby is getting to be such a good sleeper! I hope that I don’t jinx myself by saying that. For the past three nights he has slept from about 10 to 3 or 3:30…and then not woke up again until 6:30! Now if we could just get him to sleep until about 7:30 or 8 that second time we would be in business! Hopefully that happens before I have to go back to work on March 2nd.

I lost 3.2 lbs this week! Pretty pumped about that! That brings me up to 9lbs…and I hit my 5% goal. My goal for this upcoming week is another pound…which would bring me to 10 lbs off! I am motivated to work out now that we joined Wellness.

Tomorrow is Blake’s 2 month b-day and the V-day on Saturday….lots of celebrations!

Blake's favorite thing to do...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

picture day....

We took Blake to Midland today to get his pictures taken at Sears…he did SO good. He was wide awake the whole time...and actually smiled for the photographer. We get the pics back on the 20th…I cant wait!

Mary and I joined a gym yesterday. Yesterday we just worked out on the treadmill and bikes…today we did a basic step class…I am SURE that we are going to feel it tomorrow!

I am seriously starting to have issues about having to go back to work so soon…it is going to be unbelievable hard! I get sad just thinking about it! BOO…

Ryan sleeps with his had up on his head all of the time..and now guess who else is sleeping the EXACT same way….

Sunday, February 8, 2009

another weekend...

is OVER! Boy the weeks are flying by. This was a good one...Mary came home! Only thre more weeks of maternity leave left...that makes me SAD :O(.

Havent posted in a bit...on Wed. at WW I lost 2.2 lbs...bringing me up to 5.8 lbs. total. We did more wedding dress shopping on Friday, but it was still pretty deperssing...maybe I will try again after a few more pounds are shed!

B is smiling and making baby noises like crazy...cant believe that he will be 2 months old on Friday!

Here is a pic of b smiling...sorta...not a very good one...

a more serious look...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pretty uneventful day....

which is a GOOD thing! B and I just hung out all morning. We went out to lunch with my and mary are snowed in in Illinois(?) they wont be home til tomorrow! Mary said it was a crazy white-out and you couldnt see a thing...SO we will see them tomorrow instead of tonight!

Here are a few pics of B that we have taken lately...

trying to smile...this was a bit ago...but he IS smiling like crazy Iwill have to break out the camera and capture some of those!

Sleeping in his bassinette every night now...

he looks SO different in this hat now...this is him now...

and this is him in the same hat on the way home from the hospital...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Re-cap…

Had a busy weekend as usual!

Friday night I went out to dinner for Angie’s birthday with the girls. We met at Applebees. Molly, Carson, Kels, Angie, and I went. Angie is having another baby…YAY. How exciting for her.

On Saturday my mom, B, and I headed north to Houghton Lake and then to West Branch. We went to Heather’s baby shower. She is looking very preggers and super cute. She got TONS of baby presents. LOTS of pink, just how she likes it :o)

Before the shower we stopped at the bridal shop in West Branch. I tried on 6 dresses…two that I REALLY like and can see myself wearing. I want to try then on again in a couple of weeks when I loose some more weight. The two that I like are completely different from one another…it will be a hard choice to actually pic one…maybe on of these times I will get that feeling that you hear about, knowing that the dress is “the one”…

Saturday night we went to my parents for dinner. B didn’t have a very good night…I felt like we were up every two hours…he had been doing better than that. Oh well…

Sunday we went to a Superbowl party at my parents. Blake was the big winner! He left the party $50 richer…that will kept hi fed for two weeks..ha..lucky little thing!

This morning B and I took my mom to GR to the airport. She flew to Denver and now she and Mary are on their way home! They should be here tomorrow evening. I can’t wait. That was B's longest car ride yet...he did so good...rode all of the way there, got out for a few, and got right back in his car seat and rode home!

B playing w/ his baby Einstine play gym that his Great Aunt Pat got him...