Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A day at the park.....

We have a small part across the street from our house, and Blake loves to go there and play on the slides and swing! These are pictures from our visit there last week.

The whole time Blake was swinging he pointed to the swings on each side and said "mama"...and pointed one way, and then "dada" and point at the other swing...SO, of course we just had to swing with him!!

Here's Blake and dada swinging away!!
And then he decided that he was to big for the baby swing and wanted to swing with daddy....sure did make this mama nervous, but he LOVED it.
Two cutest boys I know!!
I LOVE this picture...and I love these boys :)
"weeeeeeeeee dada!"
And now for a couple of trips down the slide....or "side?!" as Blake says over and over!



a girl and a pearl. said...

gorgeous little family! cute pictures!

New Mommy!!! said...

Too cute!! Love the pics! He looks like he is having so much fun! Your hubs is such a cutie-pie. I bet you two are so cute together. He looks liks such a great dad!

Nik LOVES slides!! She is obsessed with climbing up them. Daddy lets her go down by herself, but it terrifies me, I always make her go with me. Hopefully she'll take the best from both of us, cautious, but adventerous, ha ha!

It's nice to have a park close by. We have a school nearby that has a communal playground, but there are no swings there. It was built by donations from the city and the community, so you anyone can use it. It's pretty cool. Everyone that donated either got their name on a plaque at the payground or on a wooden board of the fence. I always wished we had donated, but then it was too late. I went to Kindergarten there and I still remember it.

I love how kids interpret words. So cute.

Neely said...

Looks like yall had so much fun! I love the park. Chad and I go all the time haha

Jordan said...

How cute!!

Scientific Housewife said...

So cute, as always!