Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A String of Bad Luck…putting things in perspective.

It seems lie it has just been one thing after another lately.  I have had a major string of unfortunate luck lately.  Add this with my pregnancy brain, and I have been STRESSED to the max.
Just a few to list:
-Our old house is STILL on the market (going on a year now).  We had some potential interest, with a double showing last week.  The second showing happened to be on the coldest day of the year….and the front door lock got jammed, while they were there.  Ugh.  Just our luck.  Needless to say, no offer.  The lock has since been changed, and functions much better now.  Of course the changing process was not easy...they keys that the made did not work, etc., etc.
-I dropped my phone this weekend and shattered my screen. 
-I had this fear yesterday that I didn’t turn the crock pot on, so I ran home on my lunch break.  It was a slushy, icy day.  On the way home I sled into the ditch.  Ugh.  I am OK.  Buy it was by brand new Acadia!  $550 of damage later.  Of course insurance won’t cover it.  We have a $500 deductible…so obviously we should not turn it in.
-The bills on everything are just piling up…I feel like I can’t keep up.  Two houses is too much to pay for.
-I am forgetting everything!  In addition to me not recalling if I turned the crock pot on (I did)…I am forgetting if the garage door has been shut…causing me anxiety all day long.
Then I start feeling sorry for myself…and I think…ANNIE, you are fine.  There are people who are having a WAY harder time right now.
*I am healthy, and have a  healthy baby growing in my belly.
*I have two beautiful children who mean then world to me.
*I have a husband who loves me, is a great dad, and a hard worker.
*I have a beautiful home (well 2…but we won’t go down that road again).
*I have a new, reliable car (with a little bumper damage).
*I have family and friends that are there whenever I need something.
And on, and on, and on…
I am FINE….and this stage shall pass!!
Source: etsy.com via Annie on Pinterest
Source: facebook.com via Annie on Pinterest


Heather said...

Thinking of you! And the prego brain just doesn't help everything else going on! ;-)

Jordan said...

Oh no! Glad you're ok! It was an icy, slushy mess here as well. I've started triple checking to make sure our curling irons & straighteners are off before I leave in the morning ... If I can't remember shutting it off, I worry about it all day long. Hugs! :)

Paige said...

oh man! I have been there too. It stinks. Glad you are OK. Hugs to you. This too shall pass.... xo

Jamie said...

I'm sorry! :( LOVE all the quotes!! :)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I always try to look at the positive when all that crap happens.
I'm sorry, though. It really seems like everything happens at once!

Candice said...

I love your attitude. In the grand scheme of things, these troubles don't matter. However I can see how they'd be stressful!!

Miranda Parker Photography said...

I love all the quotes as well, I needed them tonight (thanks!). When life gets overwhelming it's hard to remember how lucky we really are. Stay positive, things will work out!

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