Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smarty Pants

I just have to tell y’all how SMART my little Blake is. Some days I am seriously AMAZED by the stuff that he knows!! He retains EVERYTHING. He has the longest attention span ever. He LOVES to read. He is obsessed with the iPad and will work on that thing all day long (IF I would let him).

One of his new favorites is putting together puzzles in the Pad. He is SO good at it! I explined it to him just one or two times, to look for the corners, and then the edges, and then to fill it in. He just concentrates on it...and does it...and then is SO proud of himself. And I am proud of him too :)
Check out this look of concentration on his face :)

Not only is my little guy smart...he's also CUTE :)

...and silly!!

I just love him so much!!


Candice said...

How smart he only 3!

Kim said...

Ooh I bet he does like that Ipad, Is love to have me one too. He is a cutie pie, love those curls!!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I am loving those sweet curls!!

Paige said...

What a smart guy! He really looks like he is concentrating!