Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doctor re-caps and Pictures!!

On Monday my mom and I took Olivia down to U of M for a follow-up on her throat. It was raining like crazy the whole way down! It typically would take about an hour and a half or a bit longer to get there, but because of the weather it took us over two hours. Needless to say, we were stressing and late. BUT, when we arrived we saw a sign that said that Dr. Koopman was running about an hour late. I guess it all worked out in our favor. We waited in the waiting room and then in the back as well. Olivia was a perfect angel the WHOLE time. Seriously, she is just SO good. She had all of the people in the waiting room just so entertained. She smiles at everyone and giggles. She is such a sweet baby girl!

When the doctor finally came in he decided that he wanted a scope her again. That is a pretty painful process, but Livi did a very good job. They squirt saline solution in her nose and then put a scope in and down her throat to look around. The hardest part is that I have to hold her the whole time. She was crying like crazy, but stopped as soon as he was done and never made another peep!

The doctor said that everything looked good! GREAT news for us. He said that “he thinks that she is out of the woods…but she isn’t quite out of the woods yet”…those were really his words. Ha. Anywho…we have to go back one more time in 4 months. If she looks good again then I think that she will be cleared!

She has come SO far since that initial surgery. We are very lucky to have gotten the referral to that hospital. They are definitely the best of the best!

On Tuesday I went down to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit with Ryan for his hernia. We didn’t know quite how long it would take to find the place or what traffic would be like, so we ended up getting there an hour and a half early, ugh. THEN, we hear that this doctor is running up to TWO HOURS behind. Blah. All together we were there for about 6 hours….tack the 4+ hour trip on to that…and the whoe ting took ALL DAY!

Again, we hear that this doctor is the best of the best, so it is worth it. Come to find out Ryan has bi-lateral hernias…one on each side! Poor guy. The left side is a re-tear. He has already had 2 sports hernia surgery’s to repair that side. SO, we will be addressing that side first. The doc said that he would never do both sides at the same time because of the extreme pain. He will operate on Ryan’s left side on Monday, July 25th.

I feel so bad for Ryan because he has been in an extreme amount of pain for quite some time now. I really hope that this helps him!!

This past weekend we got some pics taken by the awesome Miranda at MP Photography. She posted these two sneak peaks on Facebook. Could they be ANY cuter?!?



Neely said...

Great great news!

Britt said...

That's awesome!

And those pics??? AHHHH! I LOVE them!!! Can't wait to see more :)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Oh Annie, I'm so glad to hear the wonderful news about Livi! I'm sorry for what she's had to go through, but glad that she's doing better!

And poor Ryan! I hope everything will be better after the surgery on the 25th.

The pictures are some of the cutest I've ever seen! LOVE them!

Kristen said...

Yay for Olivia! Hoping your hubs' surgery goes smoothly.

cute pics!

Ashley said...

Great news on Livi's appt, so happy to hear that all went well. Poor Ryan, I will definitely be thinking of you guys on the 25th.

ADORABLE pictures! Can't wait to see the rest. :)

Jessica said...

Yay for Livi! Hope your hubby's surgery goes well, too! Those pictures are adorable!!

jenn said...

love the pics...sorry to hear about ryan

Shelley said...

Great news about Livi but poor Ryan!!

I love those pictures!!

Scientific Housewife said...

Those pics are amazing! Hope Ryan is okay and glad to hear about Olivia!

2 Frogs and a Princess said...

Glad to hear Olivia is on the up! That is no nerve wracking to a mamma! We are about to go through Hernia surgery with my hubs too. Sounds like the same place. I've heard its an awful recovery. You will have to keep me updated on that!

Miss Chelsea said...

you two make cute babies. thats all

Morgan Humble said...

Whoa, Olivia is indeed a sweet girl! She's very charming, too! It looked like she didn't feel the pressure at all. Any updates on Ryan's operation? The pics are cute, too. Nice use of photoshop. LOL! :)