Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend!

We had a fun and busy 4th of July weekend! It was nice to have a long weekend off of work, but it still went SO fast! Oh well.
On Friday night we went out to my parents house and had a bbq and hung out at the lake. On Saturday a.m. we did a few chores around our house so we could get that over and enjoy the rest of the weekend!
On Saturday afternoon Ryan and I went to Littlefield Lake to hang out with friends. The kids stayed with my mom and dad!

Heather and I on Saturday...

(this is after a long day of boating in the don't mind the windblown hair and no makeup!)

Heather, Sonny, and I

On Sunday we packed up adn ehaded down to Clark Lake to visit with my mom's family. I was nervous so go because it is 2+ hours each way and I was afraid that that would be too much for the kids in one day (almost 5 hours in the car). BUT, they did awesome. Both slept the wile way down and the whole way back up!

Blake playing there...
(he looks sad, but he wasn't. He was a good boy all day long)

When we got back to my parent house on Sunday night, Ryan's family came over. My dad had a TON of fireworks, so it was fun!

Our niece Addy enjoyng her s'mores!

Blake isn't a huge fan of he wasn't sure about it!

He was more interested in his toys!

Aunt Sue and my mom. My Aunt Sue was visiting from North Carolina!

Addy with Grandpa Dan (Ryan's dad)

Blake and grandpa waiting for the fireworks

Monday was another beautiful day and we just spent the whole day at the lake. Ryan's family all came over to my parents. We swam, and a bbq, and went out on the boat.

Livi enjoying the day :)

Blake, My mom, adn Aunt Sue floating!
Ryan and I

Grandpa and Liv on the boat!



Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

What a fun weekend! All the pictures are so cute :)

I wish I didn't like sweets! ha!

Ashley said...

Great pictures, it looks like such a fun weekend.

Kristen said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I am so jealous that you have water so close - it looks like your kids really enjoy it!

PS I wish I liked toys better than smores...sadly smores win every time with me!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend!

jenn said...

looks like fun...

undomestic chica said...

Man, Blake can have some of my sweet tooth!

Looks like so much fun, it's awesome your families will spend it together.