Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

We had an awesome weekend!  It was a perfect Michigan Winter Weekend!

I had Friday off of work, so the kids and I, along with my mom and dad went to see Norm of the North!  Very cute - and the kids loved it :).

On Saturday we were able to get out and do some ice fishing.  Ryan has been dying to get out on to the lake.  Prior to this weekend there has not been enough ice - and now there is so he is in heaven!

He caught two fish - so not a success - but we had fun!


Maybe someday Blake will grow into these teeth ;)

The whole family got out there!

This is what ice fishing meant to me - enjoying a nice frosty beer and watching them have fun!

Prior to the lake we went to the library.  They had a "Zoo to You" program where they brought animals to the library.  My kids acted like angels, so that was a bonus.  Both Livi and Blake touched the snake -nasty!

Taylor just took it all in!

On Sunday we went to church as a family, relaxed, and had dinner at the in-laws.

Overall - a great weekend!

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