Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Taylor Tuesday

Since I was such a good blogger when Blake was a toddler and so good about documenting Olivia's baby years - and so BAD about documenting anything for poor Taylor - today's blog post is dedicated 100% to TAYLOR.......here's Taylor Tuesday!

(poor third child :))

Taylor is 2.5 now.  She and her dad are as close as close can be.  She's certainly a daddy's girl.  He spoils her rotten.  Not sure if it is because of her personality - or because she is the "baby."

I am sad that for the first time in 7+ years we no longer have a baby in the house.

Taylor is in the Tike's room at "baby school" (daycare).  She is thriving.  She goes 4 full days/week.  She loves her friends and teachers.  My sister is the center director - so I know that Tay gets special treatment from her Aunt Mary - and I get pictures and snap-chats throughout the day :).

As of December she is just about 100% potty trained.  We do still use a diaper at nap time and at bed time - but during the day she is in underpants!  Unlike the first two kids, I didn't really "potty train" her - it just kind of happened.  

Her hair is still very curly - which I love.  As it gets longer it is starting to get straighter - but in this picture I straightened it with the straightening iron.

She is such a happy girl :).

Its funny how we "parent" her so differently than we did with our first two.  We are so much more relaxed this time around - but she seems to be turning out just fine.  Ha.

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