Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Love Story

In the spirit of Valentines Day next week, I am linkingup with Mrs. Mama today to tell you our Love Story :)

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?
It will be 5 years in March!! Time flies when you are in love :)

2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?}
Well….kind of a silly story. We are from neighboring towns (about 15 miles apart), but we didn’t know each other. I am way older than Ryan (4.5 years to be exact). We were each at a small town bar in the summer of 2006…there was hardly anyone else there, and we had mutual friends. We were all dancing and having fun. Ryan had told one of my friends, Mandy, that he thought I was hot (that just makes me giggle now)…Mandy told me later that “Tito” (that’s Ryan’s nickname) thinks you’re hot….ha, I just kinda laughed it off and didn’t think about it again. Our paths crossed a few times because of mutual friends…and Mandy tagged a few pics of us on facebook. Other than that we had no contact. Fast forward to March of 2007, I was out with a bunch of friedns fror St.Patty’s day. Ryan was out with friends too. I recognized him from the pics on Facebook. He was dancing with this girl (actually I will call her a lady…she looked WAY older). Apparently I thought that he could do better, so I cut in..and told the ‘lady’ that I was his girlfriend..HA, too much green beer apparently {In retrospect, I must have gotten a boost of confidence knowing that he thought that I was “hot” because that is so not my style}. WELL, he must have appreciated me “saving him,” because, as they say…the rest is history!
3. If married, how long have you been married? If not, is this the guy you hope to marry? {do tell}
We got married on September 26, 2009. We have been married for almost 2.5 years!
4. If you are married, where did you get married at? Big or small wedding? If not, where would you like to get married? And will it be big or small?
We got married at our little church. We had a pretty big wedding. About 250 people at the wedding and we had a SUPER fun reception. I wish that I could re-live that day all over again!

5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!
EVERYONE else calls Ryan “Tito” and I call him Ryan, or Ry, of RyRy..so that puts me in the minority. Ryan usually calls me AnneMouse. Annie Mouse has been a nickname that has stuck with me since I was just a little girl….he just shortened it to AnneMouse.
We also use pet names a lot…honey, baby, babe, etc.

6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.
There is A LOT of things that I love about Ryan. I think above all I love that he is the BEST dad ever. He is so hands on and does everything for his babies!! I also love that he trusts me and pretty much lets me “wear the pants” in the relationship. I am a bit of a control freak, and Ry accepts that and lets me be the boss (or at least makes me feel like I am the boss). I also love how loyal he is. Not only is he is loyal to me, his is a great friend to all, he stands up for those that he loves.

7. Tell us how he proposed? Or your ideal proposal?
Ryan proposed on Mackinaw Island. I had NO clue. I did not make it easy for him. Once again my controlling nature came into play. I was making plans and dictating our vacation/day….finally Ryan got me to cooperate and he took me to the highest point on the Island. He was so nervous, and I was so surprised. It was awesome.

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberries, champagne, and rose petals?
Ryan is very thoughtful and generous when it comes to gifts. He is typically a jewelry kind of guy…I’m not complaining :)!!

9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch?
We are typically pretty much home-bodies. We don’t get out much with 2 babies at home…but we do make a point to get out every month or so and go on a special date.

10. Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere?
Ryan would LOVE to go on an Alaskan cruise. Although Alaska isn’t my idea of a dream vacation…I would love to go with him, just because I know that it has been a dream of his for forever.

11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine's Day.
I guess we haven’t really even talked about Valentine’s day yet. Ryan did ask me to go on a date this weekend…so maybe that will be our “celebration.” The actually day isn’t that big of a deal to me. I remember a time, before I was married, that V-day was SUCH an ordeal…I guess when you have a great relationship 365 days a year…one day isn’t that big of a deal anymore!!

12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine's day?
NO...actually I hope that he doesn’t spend money on me this year. Just purchased a new home...and we have LOTS to buy for that! Just a card or love letter would be perfect!

13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love.
Make sure that you take time for just the 2 of you. That gets hard when there are kids in the picture…but time as a couple is SO important!! And kiss goodnight…and spend time talking (actual conversation).

14. Show us a picture of what love means to you.
Love is: {My Family}

What is your Love Story?! Link up today!


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