Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Today batch of pictures features Ryan with some of his groomsmen. He had 6 groomsmen and 3 this isn't all of them, but I think 5 pictures a week is enough :)

This is Ryan with his brother Josh. Josh was the Best Man. He is about 15 months older than Ryan, so they were very close growing up!
This is Mike. Mike and Ryan have been friends since kindergarten when they started going to school together. Ryan was in Mike and Shannon's wedding last August. They got married about a month and a half before we did!
This is Erik. Ry and Erik have also been friends since kindergarten. He makes Ry look like a total shrimp...Erik is really tall. Ryan will be in his wedding on August 7th!! He and Kellianne now live up in Traverse City, but we still see them a lot.
This is Ry with Eric..but everyone calls him Squirt. Once again, friends since Kindergarten. Can you tell Ry is from a small town and have a group of very tight knit friends?!!? Ry and Squirt have lots of fun fishing of their favorite hobbies!!
This is Ry with Aaron....most ppl. just call him Harsh (his last name). Harsh is from a neighboring town...but lived with Ry and his friends at college. He is the wild one of the bunch and always a good time. His gf Heather used to be my roomie. They aren't engaged yet...but will be soon I bet :)
More next week.....


Juggling Thoughts @ One Fine Wire said...

Thanksf or joining in! Beautiful pictures as usual! Make sure to Mcklinky it up!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

cute! your wedding was so gorgeous!

Shannon said...

Wedding pictures are always so fun! Catching up on a few of your previous posts...GG loves the sprinkler and being outside too. Thank goodness too because without a poop it's just way too hot to not have some sort of water to cool off. And....Happy Belated 10 month anniversary!

New Mommy!!! said...

Girl you have so many photos of your wedding, you just keep pulling them out! Ha! I love seeing them, it's like we were all there!

Do you have the rights to your photos or did you just take a ton of your own?

Heather said...

Cute wedding pictures!