Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun in the Sun!!

On Sunday of last weekend (4th of July) we went to Littlefield Lake to hang out with our friends!! It was is always a crazy party up there on the 4th, so I was a little hesitant to take Blake, but seeing that I would be staying 100% sober I thought that we would test it out. He did GREAT...and loved all of the ativity!!

Here is Blake, Kellianne, and I on a boat ride.
Kellianne and Erik are getting married in less than a month!!
The boys....thats Ryan there in the back waving :)
The girls....
Group shot
We are the 1st of this group of friend to have a Blake gets LOTS of attention being the only little one around :)...I guess he will have to share that attention with his little bro/sis in a few months!
(Aaron and Heather...Kellianne and Erik....Jeff and Sonny....and Ry, Blake and I)



Christine said...

How fun! looks like an amazing weekend

Juggling Thoughts @ One Fine Wire said...

Looks like tons of fun!

Erin said...

Love all the pictures, looks like a blast!

He & Me + 3 said...

Being on the lake for the 4th sounds like so much fun. Love the flag swimsuits. Too cute.

Stephanie said...

Fun!!!!! I wish we had a boat to go out on the lake - it would be so fun!

Just Add Walter said...

haha those bathing suits are too funny! love the American pride!