Monday, November 9, 2009

Someone has a case of the Mondays!!

I have a severe case today! I am super tired…not wanting to be working…and just Not motivated. The weekends just go TOO fast. We had a good time, with not much to do…but somehow I just FLEW by anyway!

Blake had his follow up appointment from his double ear infection (hard to believe that that was a month ago already)…his ears are as perfect as can be the Dr. said! I was a bit surprised to hear that because he is still tugging on them like crazy…must just be because of the teething. His two bottom teeth are both all of the way through. We love giving him puffs now b/c we can hear him crunching. Ha

He was well enough to get his H1N1 shot. He didn’t like that much and gave the nurse a few swift kicks! Oops…she said that she would be kicking too if someone did that to her! He cried for a couple of seconds, but seems just fine since!

Here we are waiting to see the Doc. Blake finally reached the 20 lb. mark! He weighed 20lbs and 2 oz!! big boy...
He measures in about the 15-25th percentile...but he has always been a peanut....and is everything is good!!
Close up....he was feeling really excited about being at the Dr. until he realized that he was getting a poke!
Aunt Mary came with us....note to Blake: tounge out is NOT a good look for you!
Nope....DEF not a good look.



The Wife said...

He is precious!

Molly said...

The tounge out is funny! He is a cutie.
I miss the days of puffs! I loved those things!

Annie said...

aw, he always looks adorable!!

Roxane said...

He is too cute! I swear today I had a case of the Mondays just one day late LOL

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