Friday, November 13, 2009

11 months old!

So hard to believe that our baby is almost 1 year already! At this time next month he will be getting ready to dig into some cake. We are planning a first birthday party…well actually 2. I mean…we DO like to party…ha. We are having one for all of our friends (and Blake’s) a couple of days before the actual date and then one for just the families as well on his actual birthday. This was the fastest year of my life by far….last year at this time I was feeling like I was ready to pop and just couldn’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy!

This month Blake has:
-Been standing up on everything. He pulls up on the couch, chairs, my legs, etc. he has yet to take a step all alone, but it will be any day now I believe.
-2 teeth! 2 perfect little teeth on the bottom
-decided that he doesn’t like baby food at all anymore….or much food in general. He is a pretty picky eater, and just doesn’t seem hungry most of the time
-gotten lots of new hair. It is getting quite long, but we are not going t cut it! I like the shaggy look anyway…it is still blonde and curly. We just think it is the cutest.
-got some messed up sleeping patterns. We were so lucky from months 3-10 when he was sleeping through the night. Now he has been waking up one…we can usually get him right back down with a nookie…but he gets UP before 6! NOT good. Now that he can stand up, he just gets right up and is waiting for us to come play….I am NOT in the playful mood before 6 a.m.
-finally broke the 20 pound mark. We had a dr. appt. last week and he weighed in at a whopping 20lbs, 2oz. still only the 15-20th percentile…but growing….and that is all that matters! He is very tall though….
-a huge love for books. Can just read and read. Loves for us to read to him…or will sit and just flip through the pages himself and babble. If we are reading he MUST turn the pages by himself or he pitches a fit.

We just love him more and more each day. I love each stage and milestone. I hate to see him grow up too fast, but he does get more and more fun as the months pass! We are SO lucky to have such a perfect little guy!!



Kristin said...

What a sweetie. Mine is going on 17 mos and it's gone WAY too fast!

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