Monday, September 24, 2012

CMU for the Win!!

This weekend I traveled to Iowa for work for the CMU vs. Iowa game.  I go because I am responsible for the pre-game tailgate party.  We invite our alumni from all of the surrounding states!
Iowa was just a 1 hour plane ride, so we rode the charter flight with the team.  We left on Friday and were back on Saturday...quick trip!
We went to Iowa with nothing to lose, and little hopes. We are a MAC team and Iowa is Big10.  We were a little out of our league...
BUT, to our excitement and Iowas surprise...we WON!  It was very exciting.  Right down to the wire!
My boss and I on the walk-though Kinnick Stadium on Friday!

Celebrating an exciting win with CMU fans after the win...

I had the privilege of watching the game from the we were right next to all of the action!!
The stadium sure did clear out fast...I think that the Iowa fans were a little shocked!

Great win for CMU...and make for a fun trip for me!
Fire Up Chips!

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Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

What a fun work trip! Glad they won :)