Monday, April 30, 2012

Festival Time

Spring has sprung...and we went to our first festival this weekend...the good 'ole Maple Syrup Festival in Shepherd on Friday evening. Ryan and I an the kids went out to a quick dinner and then on to the festival.

We planning on just going for the "Lights and Sirens" Parade...but we got there a bit before dusk, so had to walk around. We met up with my besting Erica and her son Dylan. The boys rode a couple of rides...and it was adorable! They were just giddy over it and SOO SOO cute! They laughed and squealed the whole time.

And then on to the parade where we met up with my friend Wendy and her daughters. It was fun..but LOUD. Blake got a kick out of it but covered his ears after a bit. Liv just took it all in like a champ!

(Can't get over how OLD Blake looks in this pic)

Hooray for spring time and outdoor activities! SO ready for the warmer weather!


Kelli Herrington said...

Loos like a blast I wish there were more festivals I just love them

jenn said...

Wow,Blake does look so grown in that last picture