Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dicken's Christmas Parade

Our downtown has an annual Dicken's Christmas Festival with a lighten Christmas Parade. On Saturday night we bundled up and headed downtown for the festivities. It was COLD, but we had a good time. Blake REALLY enjoyed the parade, lights, and noise. It was so fun to watch his little face light up as the parade passed by. He waved the whole time. I didn't get many good pictures...but I snapped a few....here they are:



We saw Santa from a distance, but didn't wait in line to sit on his lap. I really don't think that Blake will be into it this year. He is really shy around strangers, so I can just imagine what he would think about sitting on a strange old mans lap! ha....maybe we will try next year :)


Annie said...

how fun!! :) ya'll are too cute!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

How fun! It sure does look cold, though!

Lori said...

Oh man, your little guy is so cute! That parade looks like it was a lot of fun, but so cold out!

I'm your newest follower by the way!

Scientific Housewife said...

How fun!