Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

I haven't posed a Wedding Wednesday post in a LONG time....but I haven't taken any pics in a long time this is all I've got today :) I have been slacking in the picture taking dept.

We have been married for one year, one month now...and I still have about 250 professional wedding pics that I have never posted on the old blog. SO....when all else fails, I can post these :)

My handsome hubby....
(who hates getting is picture taken, so I am sure that this was just painful for him :))
Ryan and his little sister Dani.
Dani just turned 18 last week...she is a freshman at CMU!
Ryan and his immediate family.
Dad, Dani, mom, older bro Josh, and Ry.
Three siblings. Ryan is the middle child....

I will be back tomorrow with some Week 32 belly pics and an update on my Dr. appt. today!



New Mommy!!! said...

Ryan's sister is so adorable. Ahh to be that young again. I always love seeing your weddign pics, you DO have a lto of wedding pics girl! ha!

Ryan looks so nice in his tux!I can't believe that you will eb #@ WEEKS!! That's crazy, I forgot you were that far alon becuase you are so tiny! That baby is coming sooner than I thought.

So excited for you!

Neely said...

How are you already 32 weeks? I still remember when you posted that you were pregnant! Gosh it goes so fast!

Scientific Housewife said...

Great pictures as usual!