Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday....

Kind of a dreadful title....but I have that song in my head every's not really 'manic'...haha

As usual the weekend flew by....I didnt have much to do, but Ryan was busy with homework the whole time. Only a few more weeks until he is DONE, thank goodness!! I am sure that he just can't wait!

Hard to believe that I am starting my 4th week back at just goes SO fast. Blake was 14 weeks old on Saturday. He will be 4 months any day now....

He is talking like crazy, coo-ing and goo-ing, telling us all sorts of stories. It just melts my heart to hear his tiny little voice.

A little photo shoot from Saturday afternoon. Blake is looking super cute in his tye-dyes shirt from his aunt Mary!!

oops....take one!

and take 2...finally a good one :)