Friday, January 28, 2011

My baby is growing up...

It seems like Blake is just growing up in front of our eyes! I love all of the changes that he is making and the things that he is learning…but it is sad that he isn’t a baby anymore!! Since I have been home on maternity leave we have been keeping Blake on his regular 3 days a week daycare/school schedule…to keep him in a routine. Plus he likes it there and would be bored at home. I miss him so much while he is there, but I know that it is good for him.

In the past month or so he has really come a long way. His vocabulary has exploded. He can pretty much tell you anything that he would like to! He is working on recognizing basic shapes and knows them all…including octagon, which always cracks me up when he says it. He knows basic colors. He can count to 10 when prompted a bit. I feel like he is just SOOO smart! He memorizes movies and recites them when they are on…specifically Shrek right now. He is on a big Shrek kick!

He tells us when he is ready for a nap or bed at night. He LOVES to sleep. He tells us when he has went “poo poo”…now we just need to work on him telling us BEFORE he goes! He still doesn’t ay much attention to Olivia, but luckily has no jealousy issues either.

His hair is SO thick and grows so fast. Funny because when I look at pictures of when he was little and he was as bald as an eagle! He still wears a size 4 diaper...and probably always will. He is wearing size 18-month clothing…and a few 24-month shirts…but not pants. He is very skinny through the waist!

I love this little guy SOO much and he makes me so proud!



Aly @ Analyze This said...

He is getting so big!!! My goodness!

Neely said...

WHen I started reading your blog he was such a baby! He looks like a little boy now ...oh my!

Jessica said...

He does look so big in those pictures too! They grow up way too fast!!

Paige said...

He really looks like he is growing in these pictures, he looks like a little man! So sweet!